Company Profile

Scientific instruments

TAITEC is developing universal scientific instruments on the basis of technologies of temperature control and shaking. Our products feature lies in our ideas and user-friendliness. The epoch-making temperature control unit series are now widely used but it was originally developed by TAITEC. The current most popular product is shaking incubator series which occupies the top share in Japan and chosen by many users for its user-friendly operation. Now we are focusing on "Incubation" which is a key for life science to be industrialized and making an effort to develop a "Dreaming universal scientific instruments" for bio processing.

Industrial machines

Industrial machines are the products for industry, food processing and etc. These are called a constant low temperature circulator/CHILLER based on one of our basic technologies, "temperature control". It has a function of circulating temperature controlled liquid outside the unit and stabilize the heat generated from the other industrial machines. We continue to develop more reasonable chillers for universal use.

ADS(Application Data Sheet)

We provide ADS for the customers. ADS is a referential data which is summerized test results by using our products. We hope it will help you to choose our products.

Certified ISO9001

We are certified ISO9001 from November 1997. We continue to provide you with high quality products by the process of strict quality control and elaborate development.

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