TAITEC can support biologics production by original system based on devices,SUV, and non-invasive sensing.

TAITEC launches new business in support of biologics production.
You can make optimal production system of vaccine and/or antibody based on our devices for cell culture and / or manipulation of multilayer stack plates that have adaptation of CSV (Computer System Validation) and certification of cGMP, and SUV, made in Japan with JP, USP, and EP approval. Every our system provides you based on reflection of your needs.

Solution for R&D and production for biologics production based on adherent cell culture. [Stack Plate + Active-gassing]

Basic research

MG-70C-A: Compatibility for 10 layer stack plate and any size of plastic flasks.

MG-70C-A has a function of equal active gassing to each layer in multilayer stack plates. This function is able to make effective adherent cell culture and keep reproducibility based on active gassing (Shown as Fig. 1).

About multilayer stack plates.
It is cell culture vessel and, from 4 to 40 layer stack plates, active gassing is necessary for equal gas supply in each layer.

TAITEC MG-70C-A DemoMovie (Japanease)

Process development

MG-1300M-2A: 40 layer stack plate×2 (manual manipulator is optional)

  • Bult-in PC to record of production time, temperature, gas conc., and gas flow, and Compatibility of CSV
  • IR CO2 sensor and Zirconia oxygen sensor for monitoring and feedback control.
  • Realization of high temperature accuracy based on temp. control for both inside and outside the plates. Access port for H2O2 sterilization can mount on the bottom as option.
  • Option of manual manipulator with carts to handle stack plate in filling and emptying of culture broth and / or trypsin treatment.
Part Number    Type
 MG-Th2-C        Standard
 MG-Th2-CP      Logging

Effective adherent cell culture based on 2 or 4 of 40 layer stack plate in MG-1300-2A / 4A and CO-GAS8000. Bult-in PC to record and compatibility for CSV and microscope device for stack plate.

←Manual manipulator with turn over function dedicated MG-1300-2A (option).
Handling up to 10 layer of stack plate is easy by manual but it is impossible to handle 40 layer of stack plate without mechanical support (picture shows stack plate in the condition of turning over for filling and / or emptying).

TAITEC MG-1300M and CBR-500S DemoMovie


(A) Stack plates microscope observer.
Usage it as check of cell condition and / or trypsin treatment.

Production as seed culture


(A) Stack plates microscope observer : Usage it as check of cell condition and / or trypsin treatment.
(B)Automatic manipulator : Usage of filling and / or emptying of culture broth of a block of 40 layer stack plate ×4.

TAITEC Microscopic observation device for multilayer stack plate, DemoMovie

Solution of bioprocess development in suspension cell culture.
[Plastic flask or culture bag + active gassing.]

Basic research and bioprocess development

CO2-BR-180LF: Both up to 3L flask × 3 and up to 20L culture bag × 1 can be managed by exchange of shaking tray of the device.
Adaption both plastic flask and culture bag.

CO2-BR-180LF In order to realize high conc. cell culture,effective shaking and gas exchange are important. TAITEC device realizes both of two factors.
Devices for R&D field can manage plastic flasks up to 3L and culture bag up to 20L In order both of vessels, the device adopts rotary shaking.
In suspension cell culture of culture bag, standard is rocking but the same efficiency both rotary and rocking is confirmed.
※Usage of Corning or BD plastic flask is recommended.

culturebag-data [Culturing by Erlenmeyer flask with active-gassing]
The graph shows our product has much efficient than a combination of general CO2 incubator and a shaker.
The reason of this is regarded as a synergistic effect of efficient gas exchange by active gassing and shaking.

● CO2-BR-180LF-SFR: DO / pH monitoring in plastic flask.
DO / pH monitoring in plastic flask.
Preparation of both DO and pH monitoring system based on plastic flasks.
This device is suitable for screening of cell line and or adapt at ion of culture condition as well.
Feedback control based on the device is necessary a meeting with us.

Last updated: May 12, 2017

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