FAQ --- Incubation Shaker

Q. Can we use Erlenmeyer flask larger than 500ml flask or more for CO2-BR-40LF?
A. Custom-order is required. For details, specification etc. will be determined after checking customer requirement. Please contact us from inquiry page, or contact your convenient distributor.
Q. "ErrL" will be displayed and operation will stop.
A. Setting temperature of low temperature safety device may have exceeded room temperature. Or the heat dissipation fin for freezer might have the clogging, and “refrigerator safety device for overheat protection” may have worked and stopped. First of all, please clean a filter etc. When it does not still improved, please contact your convenient distributor since a fan motor etc. seems to have failure.
Q. There is unusual odor from the rear like resin melting during using in high temperature even soon after purchasing.
A. There may be a usual odor like resin melting when part of adhesive is volatilized which is used as thermal insulator. This adhesive is not hazardous and fades away with time. In such a case, please do not worry about it since this is not machine failure. However, if this unusual odor (1) becomes stronger, (2) is not settled for several days, (3) the condition of device is something wrong, please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. The temperature inside is going up.
A. First of all, please check your label in your unit model (BR); small size BR labeled with “FP” (Old type small BR has “BR-15LF), medium size with “FL” or “LF”. The equipment without these labels is not equipped with a cooling device. In this case, “Room temperature +5℃” is minimum setting temperature.
Next, please check the filter attached to the heat dissipation fan part for cooling device. Please clean up the filter with checking operation manual since the filter is placed on the different positions among device model. If it is still not improved, please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. The temperature inside and display temperature have shifted. How can we fix it?
A. First, please check whether the air has come out from air vent of inside of the cabinet. If motor for blast broke down and blast has stopped, temperature shift may happen. If it is not failure, it seems that the OFFSET is out of order by something causes (installation environment, aged deterioration etc.). The temperature display will blink when pressing UP/DOWN keys simultaneously for several seconds, and press “SET” button to set temperature after input current temperature inside. Please check the operation manual for detail.
Q. Are there any good methods not to bubble during shaking cultivation?
A. Although to reduce a shaking speed is the easiest way, aeration efficiency will be worse. It will be better to reduce the volume of culture medium against container used as much as possible. It might be better to use antifoaming agent for cultivation which verify low cytotoxicity.
Q. Is this failure that rear cooling air flow is changing?
A. Like the heat dissipation fan of a personal computer, these units detect heat radiation and change air flow to two steps. This is not a problem.
Q. When the fluorescent lights of BR-180LF for optical irradiation is turned off, even if it exchanges for commercial product, isn't interference in operation?
A. The commercial rapid-start type 20W lamp is used for fluorescent light unit of BR-180LF for optical irradiation. It is not especially exclusive use. It is to exchange if needed.

FAQ --- Custom incubator / Spinner flask

Q. Is a spinner flask disposable?
A. A spinner flask is not disposable. You can re-use it. Autoclave is also possible.
Q. How can we set sample aseptically in CO2-BR-40LF?
A. It is possible to keep the Erlenmeyer flask aseptically containing medium and cultured cell, if flask cap and air filter are attached (12 pieces of them are standard accessories, we recommend that cap is consumption and filter is exchanged for each batch to CO2-BR-40LF). It is portable use after prepare your sample and set the flask in clean bench. When you remove air filter and air filter cap, please operate in a clean bench.
Q. A tube fitting at the side of a hose (insertion nozzle) is not inserted a branch unit (branch pipe) of CO2-BR-40LF.
A. The presser-foot implement at the side of the receptacle of tube fittings is placed on “upper position” by a certain cause (when tube fitting is inserted, the implement usually goes up and fix the tube to prevent from falling out. After removing tube, the implement should be placed on “down position” since the implement is kept pressing in case tube fitting is removed.). Please check the position of this implement and try it again after return the implement to “upper position” by pressing it.

FAQ --- Shaker

Q. The speed display on shaker shows error with “. . . .” immediately.
A. The motor protection safety device is working. If a main power is turned on/-turned off, it can be reset. However, if a safety device is working repeatedly in spite of allowable loads weight, it is necessary to review the installation environment of shaker. It may happen when the bench where shaker is placed on is vibrating. It may happen in case of using 2 sets of shaker inside incubator at the same shaking speed, even if it does not happen at 1 set using. In that case, please improve the shelf setting.
Q. Can we use the small shaker in low temperature incubators?
A. The shaker labeled with "usable in a refrigerator" can be used. However, the inside of equipment etc. may be dewed after putting into the low temperature/taking out from low temperature. Please pull an electrical outlet out and leave it for a while, and use it after completely drying up.

FAQ --- Spin-down mixer / Crusher

Q. Which micro tube can we use on μT-01?
A. Please use the tubes which fit into rotor of the centrifuge. Specifically, tubes with the outer diameter of 11mm or less are acceptable. Although 11mm or less is average diameter, please check it beforehand since there is also 12mm diameter tube. In addition, 2 ml tube is recommended in terms of the bead crushing.
Please use a screws cap type tube with O-ring. In case of using tube without a screw cap and O-ring, sample may leak during operation. In case of using SUS bead, 2 ml tube of conical bottom type (V shaped bottom) is recommended. There is a possibility of damaging in case of round bottom.
In case of using SUS bead, the possibility of damaging will be changed based on the conditions: (i)size and number of beads, (ii)volume of solvent or no solvent, (iii)pre-chilled or not. Please refer to below table.
Q. Can we crush the sample freezed by liquid nitrogen on μT-01?
A. Basically, we cannot recommend since the risk of damaging the tube will increase.
However, it is possible to use the freezed sample up to -30℃ (in case of using conical tube mainly).
Q. How is the effect of heat generation to sample?
A. Although μT-01 is not equipped with cooling functions, it is possible to use it in the cold room (Please see the specification for detail). However, if you prepare pre-chilled sample before operation, crushing can be mostly completed before the temperature will be higher than room temperature. If you worry about temperature (especially operation cannot be completed within 30 sec), please take cool the tube in the middle of operation.
Q. How can we use μT-01 for different purpose (sample)?
A. The following examples are suitable beads for various targets;
Bacteria such as E.coli, : 0.1-0.2 mm glass beads
Yeast : 0.2-0.5 mm glass beads or zirconia beads
Cell or tissue of plant and animal: 2-3 mm (or more) zirconia beads or SUS beads
Particularly, resilient or rigid samples such as skin, elasticity, bone tissue and etc. can be well crushed by SUS beads only.
Q. What kind of beads can we use on μT-01?
A. Glass beads, zirconia beads and stainless (SUS) beads (Ф is up to 5mm) are acceptable. Although SUS bead is the strongest power of crush, there are no beads with the size of 1mm or less. Zirconia bead shows second strength of power of crush. Glass bead is well used for crushing of bacteria since it is arranged from the size of 0.1 mm and reasonable cost. In addition, crushing efficiency becomes better by changing the size of beads depending on the size of target samples (Please refer to “How can we use μT-01 for different purpose (sample)?”).
Q. Compared with the time of purchase, it takes time to crush. It is not finely outputted from the tip.
A. The tip of a chip will be worn away. Please polish the tip of a chip with a water resistant paper with a fine eye (sandpaper is also good), and then use it. Please contact your convenient distributor, in case it is not still improved.

FAQ --- Mixer / Rotator / Stirrer

Q. Is it possible to use 96 well deep plate on the micro mixer E-36?
A. We are providing the frame of the exclusive use "WP-9602" as optional accessory since fixing is unstable. We recommend to use this optional accessory.
Q. In case of using 1.5 ml micro tube with a small sample on the rotator, a sample will not spin down.
A. It is possible to use a 2.0ml micro tube or use the silicon to coat the inside of a micro tube as solution, etc. It seems that the lower temperature, the higher viscosity of sample, the lower amount of sample, the sample is not easy to spin down.

FAQ --- Aluminum Block Bath

Q. What is the difference between "AL-1136" and “AL-1136B”, which are used for DTU-1/2?
A. AL-1136 is for 1.5ml tube and taper-like hole, and AL-1136B is for 2.0ml tube and straight round shape. The stamp “B” is put on upper surface of AL1136B.

FAQ --- Water Bath / Shaking Water Bath

Q. Water evaporation is fast when using at high temperature.
A. If the lid suitable for a tank is used, a water level can be maintained for a long time without vapor diffusion. Please use a stainless steel tank lid or an acrylics hood. Moreover, a custom made lid is also available. Please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. Is it possible to purchase a personal 11 only?
A. Yes, please ask your convenient distributor.
Q. Is it possible to purchase main body (SD/EX) only when renewing EX-B?
A. Yes, please ask your convenient distributor.

FAQ --- Immersion cooler / Chiller for Laboratory

Q. "Err1" or "----." is displayed on a display.
A. "EXT.SENSOR (outside temperatures sensors changeover switch)" at the back or the side of equipment may have changed to the REMOTE side. Please check it out.
Q. A cycle error will come out immediately and equipment will stop in case of using the port tank.
A. A flow monitor safety device will recognize error as circulatory pathway error when flow is less than 1L, and stop operation. Please check if the pathway is not closed by bend of hose etc. or please shorten a pathway. When not still improved, please ask your convenient distributor. Device failure is also considered.
Q. When equipment is turned on, a freezer does not begin to operate easily although temperature will be displayed.
A. Two possibilities can be considered. 1. A refrigerator does not begin to operate since current water temperature and setting temperature are almost the same (temperature accuracy±2℃). 2. A freezer protection timer work and it does not provide electricity to a freezer for the initial 3 minutes. Since neither is failure of device, please look a situation for a while.
Q. Water temperature does not decrease.
A. There are a couple of possible reasons for this.
1. When circulating water temperature is higher than 40℃, chiller operation will be stopped due to a freezer protection. In this case, it is not failure. (For CH-402BF/602BF/602B/802B, they can operates a freezer even if water temperature is higher than 40℃, so CH-402BF/602BF/602B/802B is exempt from this)
2. In the case of air circulation cooling type, please check if the dusts etc. are attached on the heat dissipation part at the front of equipment, and a clogging. Please clean up if it has clogging.
3. If the surroundings temperature is higher than 35℃, freezer will not be able to radiate and stop operation.
4. The thermal loading is exceeding the ability of equipment.
After checking above list, if it will not be still improved, please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. A temperature window displays "-20.0" and temperature setting is impossible.
A. "EXT.SENSOR (outside temperatures sensors changeover switch)" at the back or the side of equipment may have changed to the REMOTE side. Please check it out. When it will not be still improved even if it switched, the switch connection may have not worked or damaged. Please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. A temperature control is unstable in case of using the port tank.
A. A temperature control is unstable because a circulation flow is decreasing in case of using the port tank. In addition, in the case of long circulation pathway, the temperature control will also decrease because it will take a time to return the circulation water. Although it may be improved by operating “auto-tuning” as described in operation manual, first of all, please look over the circulation path again.

FAQ --- Constant Temperature Chamber / Hybridization Oven

Q. The temperature is different between display of equipment and chamber inside.
A. Please check air circulation air. If there are many containers inside chamber, they interfere with air circulation. If not, it may be damage of equipment such as a fan inside or a freezer. Please contact your convenient distributor.
Q. How much volume of buffer should we use for hybridization with using bottle?
A. Although required buffer volume for hybridization depends on the experimental conditions, generally it can be reduced to 0.125ml per cm2 of membrane when using a bottle. This amount is almost equivalent to the case of using a sealing bag, and is a half volume in the case of Tupperware.
Q. How much rotation speed should we use for hybridization with using bottle?
A. Although rotation speed depends on somewhat by the size of bottle used, hybridization buffer volume and reaction time (specificity and length of probe), as a standard, please try to set at about 5 to 10 r/min for pre-hybridization and hybridization, and at about 10 to 20 r/min for washing.
Q. When should we use a defrost timer?
A. If it is used at low temperature, frost will be attached inside too much and cooler function will become impossible to work. In order to avoid it, “defrost timer” is for stopping a freezer periodically and melting frost. Although it differs in a season, an environment, etc., it is generally better to turn ON used below 15℃.

FAQ --- Centrifugal Concentrator / Freeze Trap

Q. When should we change the oil of oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump?
A. If side peephole is cloudy, please exchange immediately. In this case, water is mixed in oil. If you leave it, it may become expensive repairs. Volume of the oil at the time of exchange should be in the middle of the maximum and minimum of a gauge.
Q. What is a reason why vacuum rate does not go up easily?
A. The vacuum hose may be inadequately-sealed due to a bent or the some nozzle is open etc. Moreover, it may interfere with vacuum rate since the water used last time remains in pathway.
Q. Even if the vacuum pump is canceled, the release is becoming late compared with before.
A. The filter must have a clogging which is attached inside equipment. Please ask your convenient distributor to repair.
Q. When can we use a glass condenser?
A. The materials of freeze trap and chamber are stainless steel and rubber. A glass condenser is used when using the samples which decompose them (such as an organic solvent and an acid solvent).
Q. Aqueous solution is not concentrated at all. Is this failure?
A. Usually, a diaphragm vacuum pump currently is recommended. It is not a failure since sublimation heat is basically added by heater. In case of using oil-sealed vacuum pump, it takes more time compared with usual since water is freezing. Please use a heater and warm within acceptable temperature range of sample.
Q. How can we use a nitrogen gas purge of a centrifugal concentrator?
A. Although it depends on products, please attach the three-way valve on the piping between the vacuous nozzle port and vacuous trap of a main part, and connect with a cylinder. Please connect with a leak nozzle if its product has it.
Q. Centrifugal concentration does not work well (need much time).
A. Evaporative latent heat may be insufficient. Please raise the heater temperature. Particularly in the case of a High boiling solvent, it will not be concentrated without warming. The product of TAITEC, all models equip with heater. Moreover, some arrangement is required; a container should be changed to increase a surface area, amount of sample per container should be reduced based on the boiling point of solvent.

FAQ --- Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer)

Q. Lyophilization is not completed easily.
A. 1. There may be too much amount of samples put into one container. Please make sample break into smaller and reduce.
2. There may be too small surface for sublimation. Please spread samples thinly in large vessel wall, and make it freeze etc. (freeze sample with rotating a vessel) at the time of a pre-freeze.
3. The balance of capability of a vacuum pump and the main part of a drier may be bad. Please use an appropriate pump.
Q. A sample is unfreezing during freeze drying.
A. The capability (Achieving vacuum rate and displacement) of a vacuum pump may be insufficient. Please reduce sample volume in the container, or do not release vacuum of container connecting with a manifold at one time.
Please check the connection of hose is loosened, and supply vacuum grease to connection of hose to raise vacuum rate. When not still improved, the salt concentration of sample may be too high.

FAQ --- Chiller for Industries

Q. Can "certificate of disposal" be issued in canceling equipment?
A. Our company is registered as the "Type-I chlorofluorocarbon collection trader". We can dispose and issue for value. Please ask your convenient distributor since the amount depends on type of chlorofluorocarbons and amount of gas enclosed inside equipment.
Q. We want custom-made chiller which is not standard type.
A. We have a lot of record to produce a specified model. Please ask your convenient distributor. Although an arrangement is necessarily before production, please advise us your request for what kind of use and usage.
Q. We do not required capability or specification very well.
A. Please contact your convenient distributor, we will help model selection.

FAQ --- Service

Q. The manual has been lost. Is it a paid service to reissue?
A. Yes. Please contact with your convenient distributor.

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