Spin down mixer/Crushing machine

  • Completely different from conventional noisy bead crushers!!Crush animal tissues powerfully with one micro tube or up to 12 micro tubes loadable.
  • Quick crush of liquid N2 frozen samples. High-speed shaking of samples in 2 mL microtubes or stainless steel jar with stainless steel crushers.
  • One machine for both vortex and spin down!! Addressed to crushing using beads or crusher.
  • Crushing and solubilize of protein expressing E. Coli.
  • Random fragmentation of DNA and uniformise and emulsification of sample.

Results of Spin down mixer/Crushing machine
[Ultrasonic homogenizer]

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Ultrasonic homogenizer  VP-050N

Easy operation with auto tuning. Compact hand holding type good for small amount samples.
High frequency output:Max. 50W Transducer normal output:10 - 40W

Ultrasonic homogenizer  VP-300N (set of standard horn)

High output type for large sample. Stand using type with a lot of options.
High frequency output:Max. 300W Transducer normal output:50 - 200W

Results of 2  
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