Constant temperature incubator shaker

  • Best suited for 96-well plates and microtubes.
  • The “NewMax drive®” ensures strong, silent, uniform mixing operation.
  • Realized to measure the rotating turbidity culture by original technology.
  • Suited shaking mechanism for 96-well plate and microtube.
  • Good aeration because of high-speed(〜500rpm).
  • Good balance in the high-speed.
  • Small type of combined usability and space-saving.
  • It is able to stack up to two-stage.
  • There are also Transparent UP-hood type.
  • There are also open left and right door type.
  • For large scale culture.
  • It is able to stack up to two-stage.
  • Light emitting type for plant cell culture.

Results of Constant temperature incubator shaker
[Light emitting type]

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Large size constant temperature incubator shaker   LED Fluorescence BR-300LF

Long selling large type with variable shaking amplitude.
Temperature Range:+4ºC - +70ºC Temp. Control Accuracy:±0.3ºC - 1.0ºC (*1)

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