Centrifugal concentrator/Low temperature trap

  • For rying DNA and RNA after ethanol sedimentation.
  • For ondensation during peptide synthesis
  • Fundamental device for centrifugal condensation in terms of efficiency and safety.
  • For decompression at lyophilizer or centrifugal concentrator.
  • Increase condensing speed by heating mix in addition to decompress.
  • Aspirator of water circulation type. There is no need to worry about pissing away polluted waste water.
  • Collecting nitrogen from atmosphere and supplying at purity of more than 97%. No need for nitrogen bottle anymore.

Results of Centrifugal concentrator/Low temperature trap

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Centrifugal concentrator  VC-96R

For reproducible centrifugal condensation. addressing from small amount of sample to centrifugal ...
Temperature Range:+4ºC - +70 ºC (setting tem ... :300 - 2000rpm (max. 440 x ...

Vacuum pump  VU-05

Small oilless pump. Ultimate vacuum:6.7kPa, Displacement: 5L/min
Chemical resistance:Water, alcohol (*) Displacement volume:5L/min

Vacuum pump  VU-100

Oil-less dry scroll vacuum pump with large volume and higher ultimate vacuum.
Chemical resistance:Water, alcohol(*) Displacement volume:100L/min

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