CO2/Multi-gas incubator

  • Cost effective, high quality conventional CO2 incubator.
  • Highly precise multi-gas incubator.
  • New feature "hypoxia booster" makes quick transition to hypoxic condition.
  • Active gassing is possible.
  • Effective on shaking culture by Erlenmeyer flask, spiner flasks and static culture by 10-tire plate.
  • Low oxygen and active gassing is possible.
  • Small device such as shaker can be used inside chamber.

Results of CO2/Multi-gas incubator
[Active-gas type multi-gas incubator]

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Active-gas type multi-gas incubator  MG-71M-A

Our original active gassing system & multi-gas makes it possible to mass culturing in hypoxi ...
Flow :20 to 500mL/min, Digital d ... CO2 Range:3 to 10%, Digital display, ...

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