Frozen sample crusher
Freeze Crusher

Product Code:0080981-000

Quick crush of liquid N2 frozen fungus and tissue samples. High-speed shaking of samples in 2 ml microtubes or stainless steel jar with stainless steel crushers.

Image of using optional holder for 48 microtubes

After crushing rice at 1200rpm for 30sec

Main Application

Crushing yeast, mold, plant, animal tissue
Crushing bones, teeth and limb of small animals
Crushing coat of electric cable, resin and asbestos samples


Powerful crushing of frozen samples by metal crusher

Tissue samples from organ, fungus and plant are put into container with metal crusher, set inside holder and freeze by using liquid N2, and then undergo crushing using impact of shaking. This method can prevent degrade and denature of material of interest because crushing while freezing. It can also addressed to dangerous samples since it handles samples inside closed container.

Only tens of seconds are needed to crush, effective for small samples as well

It may vary depending on samples but crushing time is generally about tens of seconds. This product doesn’t have freezing function though crushing process may finish before sample thaws. Method of this machine is effective for small samples as well and there is little loss of sample.

Disposable container can be used

Disposable 2ml microtube can be used. There is no need to wash and no risk of contamination. When crushing extra hard samples (such as bones and plastics), use stainless jar to get enough strength against vigorous shake.


Shaking Method Reciprocal (vertical)
Shaking Speed 0 - 2500rpm (*1)
Applicable Container / Number 2.0ml microtubes: 48 (*2)
Stainless steel strong crushing jar: 4
Processing amount 2.0ml microtubes: 0.1 - 0.2ml/tube
Stainless steel strong crushing jar: 1〜2g/container
Timer OFF timer (1 - 999 sec)
Safety device / function Safety cover opening check, holder attachment check
Dimensions 220 x 310 x 315Hmm
Weight Approx. 10kg
Power Supply AC100V
(*1) Actually sufficient crush can be obtained under 1200rpm.
(*2) Applicable 2mL tube: eppendorf Safe-Lock tubes (No.0030120094)
(*3) May vary due to sample.
This machine generates loud operating noise. Please understand.
We have a list of samples which underwent crushing successfully so please feel free to ask.
Holders and crushers are option.


2mL round bottom micro ...  TH-0203T

Four holders for three 2mL round bottom micro tubes, and 24 metal crushers.

2mL round bottom micro ...  TH-0248T

Holder for forty-eight 2mL round bottom micro tubes, and 100 metal crushers.

Stainless steel strong ...  TH-SPT

Stainless steel strong crushing jar for crushing hard samples.

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