Constant temperature and defrost incubator
Hybri and defrost incubator

Product Code:0080391-000

Low vibration, freon free, energy-saving incubator by using peltier device. +15℃ to +60℃, four shaking method with exchanging kit.

Image of using optional rotation kit M-4000

Image of using optional bottle kit B-4008

Image of using optional recipro kit R-2623

Main Application

Precise temperature control and incubation around a room temperature
Stain and destain of gel, enzyme reaction


+15ºC - +60ºC, ±0.1 - 0.2ºC, precise temperature control incubator. Energy saving & freon-free by Peltier device.

HB-60N is freon-free, precise temperature control incubator. The temperature accuracy is ±0.1 - 0.2℃ at +25ºC surroundings temperature. HB-60N is suitable for precise temperature incubation at around a room temperature when room air conditioner is affected to the samples.
HB-60N is also suitable for defrosting delicate solutions under mild conditions.

Four shaking method with exchanging kit

Can operate four kinds “seesaw/ reciprocal/ bottle rotary/ inversion mixing of microtube” of shake by exchanging shaking rack kit. Furthermore combining these with option, it can be used for various usages.

Kit exchange with 2 actions; put in and click

Exchange of shaker kit is quite simple. Only 2 actions with [put in] and [connect]. No trouble of changing because there is no need to turning screw.

Can be stacked up to 3 levels

Stackable up to 3 levels
Adopted stackable system which saves lab space strongly. This machine can be used in 3 levels of stack. It enables simultaneous usage of multiple people using kit exchange or mass operation with bottle kit within limited space.


Temperature Range +15ºC - +60ºC (*1)
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1 - 0.2ºC (*2)
Shaking Method seesaw/ reciprocal/ bottle rotary/ tube inversion by exchanging kit
Shaking Speed 5 - 60rpm
Shaking rack dimension 260 x 230mm
Display (Temp. and speed) Digital display
Heating-Cooling System Peltier device
Agitation method Flow method
Safety device / function Fuse, overheat, electric circuit protection for overvoltage/ overcurrent (power shut off), motor overload protection, self diagnosis for error of thermoregulator, sensor error display, door opening check
Dimensions 425 x 465 x 445Hmm
Weight Approx. 32kg
Power Supply AC100V 4A
Standard Accessory Stackable metal attachment
(*1) Value at surroundings temperature is around +25ºC. The inside temperature limit is RT (room temperature) -10℃ (for cooling) and +35℃ (for heating).
(*2) Value at surroundings temperature is around +25ºC.
Shaking kit is option.


Bottle kit  B-4008

Exchangeable bottle rotation kit for HB-80/100

Bottle rack  BL-4106

Acrylic stand for 6 bottles

Bottle rack  BL-4108

Acrylic stand for 8 bottles

Small bottle  BT-3515

Small bottle for hybridization with bottle kit

Large bottle  BT-3525

Large bottle for hybridization with bottle kit

Microtube kit  M-1596

Exchangeable micro tube rotation kit for HB-80/100

Monode shaking rack  MD-1818

Monod shaking rack of L shape test tube.

Nylon mesh sheet

Necessity for hybridization

Recipro kit  R-2623

Exchangeable reciprocal shaking kit for HB-80/100.

Seesaw kit  S-2623

Exchangeable seesaw shaking kit for HB-80/100.

Recipro multi level sha ...  WR-2520

Exchangeable multi-steps shaking rack for HB-80/100. Use on Recipro kit.

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