Hybridization incubator

HB-80RWR set
Product Code:0040805-000

Set of the hybridization incubator up to +80ºC and Recipro kit + Recipro multi level shaking rack

Image of using optional shaking rack

Recipro kit R-2623 +
Recipro multi level shaking rack WR-2520

Main Application

Stain and destain of gel, enzyme reaction at high temperature and incubation of thermpphile


Exchangeable with other shaking kits

Three kinds of shaking "seesaw, bottle rotary, micro tube fall churning" besides "reciprocal"are available by exchange shaking rack kit. Furthermore, it can utilize for a variety of applications by combination with optional items.

HB-80 for up to +80ºC

Hybridization temperature of northern blot is about +45ºC for DNA probe and +55ºC for RNA probe. Sometime during wash may require +65 ºC though, all of these are within temperature range of HB-80 and it is enough for use to hybridization. HB-100 is recommended to use when want to cover heat denaturation of probe, or thinking to use in high temperature application such as incubation of thermophile in L shape test tube (HB-100 has timer).

Can be stacked up to 3 levels

Stackable up to 3 levels
Adopted stackable system which saves lab space strongly. This machine can be used in 3 levels of stack. It enables simultaneous usage of multiple people using kit exchange or mass operation with bottle kit within limited space.

Kit exchange with 2 actions; put in and click

Exchange of shaker kit is quite simple. Only 2 actions with "put in" and "connect". No trouble of changing because there is no need to turning screw.

Specifications and product configurations of this set

ModelHB-80RWR set
Product contents HB-80,R-2623,WR-2520

Specifications of each product to configure this set

Temperature Range RT+5ºC - +80ºC
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1 - 0.2ºC (*)
Shaking Method seesaw/ reciprocal/ bottle rotary/ tube inversion by exchanging kit
Shaking Speed 5 - 60rpm
Shaking rack dimension 260 x 230mm
Display (Temp. and speed) Digital display
Heater 300W
Agitation method Flow method
Safety device / function Fuse, failsafe for heater overheat, motor overload stop, electric circuit protection for overvoltage/ overcurrent (power shut off), self diagnosis for error of thermoregulator, sensor error display
Dimensions 425 x 445 x 445Hmm
Weight Approx. 30kg
Power Supply AC100V 4A
Standard Accessory Stackable metal attachment
(*) Value at surroundings temperature is around +25ºC.
Shaking kit is option.

Amplitude variable between 18/25/30/40mm

Application Container Tapper, Petri dish and so on



Bottle kit  B-4008

Exchangeable bottle rotation kit for HB-80/100

Bottle rack  BL-4106

Acrylic stand for 6 bottles

Bottle rack  BL-4108

Acrylic stand for 8 bottles

Small bottle  BT-3515

Small bottle for hybridization with bottle kit

Large bottle  BT-3525

Large bottle for hybridization with bottle kit

Microtube kit  M-1596

Exchangeable micro tube rotation kit for HB-80/100

Monode shaking rack  MD-1818

Monod shaking rack of L shape test tube.

Nylon mesh sheet

Necessity for hybridization

Recipro kit  R-2623

Exchangeable reciprocal shaking kit for HB-80/100.

Seesaw kit  S-2623

Exchangeable seesaw shaking kit for HB-80/100.

Recipro multi level sha ...  WR-2520

Exchangeable multi-steps shaking rack for HB-80/100. Use on Recipro kit.

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