Active-gas type large CO2 incubator for stack plate

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CO2 incubator for large scale cell culture and production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, etc. by stack plates

Main Application

For large static scale cell culture
For production of vaccines
For production of monoclonal antibodies


High capacity for static cell-culture

MG-1300M-2A is an incubator optimized for 10 or 40 layered stack plates: ThermoFisher [Nunc] Cell Factory and Corning CellSTACK.

Precise gas monitoring and regulation

IR CO2 sensor and zirconia O2 sensor installed in MG-1300M-2A are reliable for constant cell culture with long-term stability.

Temperature control optimized for culture with stack plates

A cross-flow fan in chamber and heating system for gas flow-line promote ideal culture condition in stack plates.

Built-in PC for validation documentation

Operating parameters (temperature, CO2 concentration and gas flow) are graphically displayed on the panel and recorded on the built-in PC based on GMP standards.


We can make customized models upon user's request: such as 4 ch model, O2 contorol model, no-heater model for incubation room etc. Please contact us.

TAITEC MG-1300M and CBR-500S DemoMovie


(*) Refer to below download file
This product is build-to-order manufacturing.

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Download for specification sheet MG-1300-2A_spec.pdf(PDF:142kB)

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