Decompression aspiration pump

Product Code:0000336-000

Aspirator of water circulation type. There is no need to worry about pissing away polluted waste water.

Image of Combination with test tube condenser

Main Application

Aspiration and suction filtration of waste water
Decompression of evaporator
Decompression of centrifugal condenser and test tube condenser


Aspirator where water flow makes decompressing effect, water circulation type

It is device of which decompression is brought by venturi effect from water flow and more facile than vacuum pump. This machine get decompression from circulating water inside chamber so it is suited for using long time period compare to the type using running tap water and not pissing away polluted waste water.

2 way suction mouth, decompression regulating bulb can be connected

Decompression regulating valve (option) can be connected to either mouth. Vacuum can be maintained by using decompression regulating bulb while keeping water temperature constant.

Stabilize vacuum by putting ice and combine cooling water circulation device.

Combination example with circulation device for open circuit (Cool pump CP-80R)
Vacuum can be maintained easier when throwing ice or cooling pipe into chamber and cooling water inside chamber by circulation device for open circuit (When using cooling pipe or circulation device, the case is limited for sample which don't corrade these parts)


Ultimate vacuum Depending on vapor pressure of water
Displacement volume 6 - 7 L/min
Aspiration nozzle Outer diameter ∅9mm, 2way (built-in 2 metal aspirator)
Pump motor 90W
Dimensions inside bath 220 x 250 x 220Hmm (Apporx. 10L)

Dimensions 230 x 260 x 425Hmm
Weight Apporx. 9kg
Power Supply AC100V 2A
Standard Accessory Clear polyvinyl chloride lid x 1


Decompression regulating valve

Attachbale to both of two suction ports.

∅13mm nozzle for Q-1

Use when change from ∅9mm

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