Test tube mixer
Delta mixer

Product Code:0061609-000

Reliable performance to everyday use machine. Test tube mixer with mixing power and stability.

Main Application

Mix shake of samples and reagents
Facilitation of various reaction by mixing
Fracture of virus body using beads


Test tube mixer reflect customers' voices

TAITEC emphasizes development on familiar mini size machines to make dairy experiment convenient. This product is developed based on customer's voice gained at "Present mixer" campaign. Please look appeals inside compact machine.

"Delta balance" design keeps good balance without moving

To achieve request from customer, we adopted tripod and triangle body design to get good balance. At balance test on slippery surface by oil or on slope, it showed a result of no movement at all.

"Miracle head" can fix micro tube

TAITEC's original miracle head can hold 8 micro tubes each. In addition, at center of the head, not only micro tube but 50ml centrifuge tube can be mixed smoothly by hand holding.


Shaking method Horizontal eccentric vibration
Shaking Speed 2800rpm fixed
Switch Continuous
Applicable Container / Number Hand holding: any micro tube or 50ml centrifuge tube (*)
Fixed holding: 0.5/1.5/2.0ml micro tube x 4 each
Temperature Range +5ºC - +35ºC
Dimensions 135 x 145 x 130Hmm (include miracle head)
Weight Approx. 2kg (include miracle head)
Power Supply AC100V 0.5A
Standard Accessory Miracle head 04 x 1
(*)It is possible to mix 50ml disposal centrifuge tube which contains about 30ml of medium.


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