Test tube concentrator

Product Code:0000306-000

Increase condensing speed by heating mix in addition to decompress. 8F for test tube with rim.

Main Application

Condensing analysis sample after solvent extraction
Condense dry of glycoprotein, sugar chain and peptide
For application which requires condensation and drying


Condensing 8 test tube with rim at a time

Adhere 8 test tube with rim onto Teflon sucking cassette and decompress altogether (Because of adhesion subjected to 8 test tube with rim, it cannot be used with test tubes fewer than 8. Relevant test tubes are attached to this product.).

Mixing all test tubes in same condition, mixing power can be regulated continuously

Strong umbrella eccentric vibration mixes 8 test tubes uniformly.


Temperature Range to +60 ºC
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.2 - 0.3ºC
Mixing of sample Umbrella eccentric vibration (at variable speed)
Test tube capacity 8 (cannot be used fewer than 8) (*)
Heater 150W
Dimensions 190 x 285 x 355Hmm
Weight Approx. 10.5kg
Power Supply AC100V 2A
Standard Accessory Teflon sucking cassette x 1, test tube adapter ring (∅17.5mm x 18Lmm) x 8, test tube (∅17.5mm x 130Lmm) x 20, cassette clamp x 1, cassette platform x 1, drain rubber x 1
(*) Please use same rim shape and same outer diameter of 8 test tubes when using commercial tubes.
Pump for decompressing such as Q-1 is separately needed. For suitable pump other than Q-1, please ask us.
Main body of TC-8F and TC-8G is equivalent. Replacing parts on standard attachment with replacing parts below, type switching is available.


Teflon sucking cassette

For Test tube concentrator TC-8F

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