Ultrasonic homogenizer

Product Code:0079435-000

Easy operation with auto tuning. Compact hand holding type good for small amount samples.

Image of using step-type micro tip (option)

Random fragmentation of DNA (from left after 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 4, 8, 16 min of processing time for each)

Main Application

Crushing and solubilize of protein expressing E. Coli.
Random fragmentation of DNA and uniformise and emulsification of sample


Digitally output adjustment, easily viewable monitor and easy operation

Digitalization made easy output adjustment and increased reproducibility. LCD screen which displays each digital display can be used to monitor operating condition. It is easy to operate interactively by viewing LCD screen.

Compact handy type for micro tip

Put step-type micro tip (option) on tip of solid horn converter which is connected to main body and use by hand holding. It is suit for processing small sample in micro tube.

Auto tuning/ auto tuning operation (PWM operation)

Pre-use tuning can be done by just pushing button, and normally takes about 5 seconds.
There is a mode to apply auto tuning during operation automatically (PWM operation). This mode is useful when sample viscosity changes during process or operating for long time.

Auto power operation (POW operation)

There is operation mode to keep constant output by auto adjustment. This mode is useful for stably operation when sample viscosity and temperature are almost unchanged during process.


High frequency output Max. 50W
Transducer normal output 10 - 40W
Oscillation frequency range 19.5 - 20.5Hz
Power Supply AC100V 1A
Tuning Auto tuning
Oscillation function Auto tuning operation (PWM), auto power operation (POW), timer (1sec - 120min), programmed interval operation (ON: 3-60sec, OFF: 1-60sec)
Digital display Real time output value %, real time amplitude %,
Operation mode (PWM/POW), output value setting (%), oscillation frequency setting
Equipment component Main body, converter (with solid horn)
Oscillation switch On Main body and converter
Dimensions 122 x 288 x 283Hmm
Weight Approx. 4.5kg
Optional step-type micro tip is needed on use.
Monitor output via RS-232C is available. Please ask us for details.
Output of this product is below 50W and there is no need to apply for high frequency using facility.
Step-type micro tip is option.



Φ2mm step-type micro tip  VP-MS02

Step-type micro tip for VP-050N

Φ3mm step-type micro tip  VP-MS03

Step-type micro tip for VP-050N

Φ6mm step-type micro tip  VP-MS06

Step-type micro tip for VP-050N

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