Energy saving stocked ice chiller
Stock chiller

Product Code:0031164-000

Utilize melting heat of ice which was stored during non-operation time such as nighttime Reasonable for usage which doesn’t require severe temperature control

Since this device is circulator for sealed circuit, circulation into chemical device such as rotary evaporator is possible

Main Application

Circulation into incubation device such as jar fermenter
Cooling of rotary evaporator (sealed circuit circulation)


Storage ice effect = idea is here

Melting heat of 0ºC 1g of ice into 0ºC water is 80cal (approx. 335J) compare to heat energy of 1cal (approx. 4.2J) to change temperature for 1ºC of 1g of water. That means 0ºC ice has cooling capacity about 80 times more than 0ºC water. StockChiller put this principle into practice.

Cool water circulation even with not enough electric capacity

For example, at cooling of rotary evaporator, this device works well at "no need for severe thermoregulation, want to circulate water at around 0ºC, but electric capacity of the facility is already occupied and cannot use high power cooler" kind of situation.

Circulation nozzle can be rotated at 360º

Direction of circulation nozzle can be adjusted depending on setting place.


Temperature Range Around 0ºC
Ice storage capacity (max. volume/ time) Approx. 13kg/12h(*1)
Cooling capacity 1100W(50Hz)(*2)
Freezer (air cooling type) output 75W
Pump ability(50/60kHz) Flow : 6.5/7.5 L/min
Max. lifting height : 4.9/6.8 m
Nozzle diameter Outer diameter ∅9mm
Dimensions inside bath 270 x 310 x 256Hmm
Water bath volume (water level 80%) Approx. 17L
Dimensions 314 x 452 x 532Hmm
Dry weight Approx. 20kg
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz 3A
Standard Accessory L-shaped hose mouth x 2, Hose band x 2, connector for irregular tube x 2
(*1) In case of stop external circulation and cooling from around +20ºC.
(*2) Potential total work with maximal stored ice. Since this device utilizes melting heat of the ice for cooling, listed capacity may not be constantly obtained.
Please do not use pure water or distilled water as heating medium. These may cause breakdown of machine.



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