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Shakers for Well plates and Microtubes

Micro mixer E-36

Code No.: 0027765-000

Stirs 96-well plates and Microtubes securely. The stirring speed is 300 to 2500 r/min. Simple and Easy-to-use for the operation.

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Promotion of Eenzyme digestion of mouse tail, etc.
Promotion of ELISA reaction, Biopanning, etc.
Plasmid DNA extraction

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Uniform vigorous shake of 96 well and microtube

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Equipped with shaking mechanism and amplitude optimum for 96 well micro plates/ deep wells and microtubes (Option is needed for using deep wells and microtube). With platform which can firmly hold containers and maximum 2500 rpm of speed can mix samples effectively.
Features for Horizontal eccentric shaking
Horizontal eccentric shaking is a method designed where multiple parallel microtubes are evenly hung for a stirring effect similar to Test tube mixers in which the tubes are stirred one by one.
Optimum for 0.5/1.5 mL Microtubes as well as for 96-well Microplates and Deep well plates.
How inside of mixing microtube

Equipped with convenient 60 minutes timer
Other than successive use, timer controlled operation by 60min timer is also possible.
Stable shake from low speed to high speed by range switch
By splitting speed range into two, it provides stable shaking from low to high speed and fine regulation of the speed.


Shaking motionHorizontal eccentric shaking
Shaking speed300 to 2500 r/min
Platform dimensions270 × 96 mm (inside)
Suitable Tubes/PlatesMicrotubes (Optional racks below required)
Well plates (2 sets can be fixed in standard) (*)
Timer60-min Timer for the operation
Dimensions (W×D×H)300 x 205 x 115Hmm
WeightApprox. 5kg
Power SupplyAC100V/0.5A (Need a step-down transformer)
(*)Well plate can be mounted directly in the standard while Optional shaking platform for well plates (WP-9602). The state of stirring in Microtubes is recommended to hold them securely.



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