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Multipurpose spin down mixer adapted to beads crushing

Bug Crasher GM-01

Code No.: 0061173-000

One machine for both vortex and spin down!! Addressed to crushing using beads or crusher.


Extract DNA/RNA from yeast and E.Coli by beads crushing
Extract DNA/RNA from plant cells by crusher crushing
Daily vortex and spin down


Extraction of DNA/RNA, protein by crushing microorganisms
Fluorescent microscope image of blue-green algae. (See Web for details)(Experimental data is provided by: Dr. Motohide Aoki, assistant at faculty of life science, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences)
When extracting DNA/RNA, protein from E. Coli, yeast or blue-green algae, mix glass beads with sample and agitate them. Process will be smooth because you can apply spin down directly after crushing. When extracting RNA, it is effective to freeze samples.
Can be utilized as simple centrifuge
Comparison result of normal centrifuge and ethanol precipitation
This product can execute both mixing and spinning down. Even max spin down is 1300 x g, it is confirmed that this machine can execute ethanol precipitation of nucleotide extracted from cells.
For extracting DNA/RNA from plant tissue by crushing (mashing)
Broccoli (bud) + zirconia ball

Arabidopsis (leaf) + metal crusher

Tissues such as leaves of Arabidopsis can be crushed by zirconia ball or metal crusher (sold separately). It is effective to freeze when extracting RNA. Actual achievement will be uploaded to “BUGCRASHER.COM” as needed so please take a look at.
Can process maximum of 12 samples simultaneously
One of the merit of this product is more sample number can be processed compare to mortar. It can load 12 of 1.5/2.0ml micro tubes (when using metal crusher, capacity is down to 6 due to its weight)


Shaking methodHigh-speed inversion
Mixing adjusterLevel 1 - A (10 steps, A correspond to 2600rom of vortex)
Centrifuge rotation500 - 4500rpm
Centrifuge forceMax. 1300 x g
Surroundings temperature0ºC - +40 ºC
Operation modeSwitch between mix and centrifuge, each has continuous operation/ timer/ flush
Applicable Container / Number1.5/ 2.0ml micro tube (self-stand and screw type also applicable) x 12
(*) x 6 when using metal crusher.
Timer0 - 50sec/ 1min - 99hr 50min (pauses on lid opening)
Digital displayMixing level/ rotation and time/ centrifuge force
Safety device / functionStop when cover opens while operation, stop motor when cover opens while stopping
Dimensions210 x 268 x 176Hmm
WeightApprox. 3.5kg
Power SupplyAC100 - 125V 0.5A
●Please refer "BUGCRASHER.COM" for where to find beads for crushing and so on.



Metal crusher | Metal crusher
Stainless steel crushers for 2ml micro tubes.
■Dimensions:φ7.5 x 23mm ■Material:Stainless
| Zirconia crusher
Zirconia crushers for 2ml micro tubes.It can be used for analysis where metals cannot be used.
■: ■:

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