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Multipurpose spin down mixer adapted to beads crushing

Bug Crasher GM-01

Code No.: 0061173-000

【discontinued】2-in-1 Equipment to handle Vortex and Spin down. Also, it can be used for crushing with beads and metal crusher. It is reasonably priced for crushing samples that are known for their hardness.


•Crushing of Microbe (nearly same hardness as E. coli and Blue-green algae)
•Drying plants or Crushing frozen leaves and petals
•Spin down in Ethanol precipitation of DNA


This product has been discontinued.
Crushing of Microbe
Fluorescent microscope image of Bluegreen algae. Experimental data provided by Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Science.
When extracting DNA/RNA, protein from E. Coli, yeast or blue-green algae, mix glass beads with sample and agitate them. Process will be smooth because you can apply spin down directly after crushing. When extracting RNA, it is effective to freeze samples.
Ethanol precipitation by Spin down function
Photo of Electrophoresis is the comparison results for Ethanol precipitation and Centrifuge.
The advantages of this unit is that number of simultaneous processing and the efficiency outperforms those of crushing with mortar. 12 pcs 1.5/2.0 mL Microtubes can be loaded (Max. 6 pcs when using Metal crusher due to its weight) and both Stirring and Spin down can be performed. Although Spin down function is Max. 1300xg, it is possible for Ethanol precipitation of nucleic acids.
Crushing of plant tissue
Broccoli (bud) + zirconia ball

Arabidopsis (leaf) + metal crusher

Tissues such as soft plant leaves can be crushed with zirconia beads or optional Metal crusher. In the case of RNA, making the sample frozen is effective.


Stirring methodHigh-speed inversion
Stirring force adjustment10 steps (Level 1 to A) *Effective of Level A is equivalent to that of Delta Mixer at 2600 r/min.
Centrifugal speed500 to 4500 rpm (Setting per 500 rpm)
Centrifugal forceMax. 1300xg
Ambient temperature0℃ to 40℃
Operation modeSwitchable Stirring/Centrifuge
Continuous/Timer/Flush in Each mode.
Capacity12 pcs x 1.5/2.0 mL Microtube (Self-stand and Screw type can be used)
* Up to 6 pcs when using Metal crusher.
Timer0 to 50 sec/1 min to 99 hr 50 min (Pauses when lid is open)
Digital displayStirring level/Rotation number and Time/Centrifugal force
Safety devices/functionsBraking when lid is open during operation. Motor stopping when lid is open during stop
Dimensions/Weight210 x 268 x 176 mm, Approx. 3.5 kg
Power supplyAC 100 to 240 V/0.5 A
●Please refer "BUGCRASHER.COM" for where to find beads for crushing and so on.



Metal crusher | Metal crusher
Stainless steel crushers for 2ml micro tubes.
■Dimensions:φ7.5 x 23mm ■Material:Stainless
| Zirconia crusher
Zirconia crushers for 2ml micro tubes.It can be used for analysis where metals cannot be used.
■: ■:

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