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Constant temperature Chambers (Middle size)

Incubation Box M-210FN

Code No.: 0046028-000

The double glass door both heat insulation and visibility that makes it easy to use.


Storage of Samples and Reagents
Cultivation and Immunoprecipitation putting Shaker or Rotator
Temperature control of Chromatographic column [Option]


Automatic defrosting function, ON/OFF can be arbitrary turned
Automatic defrosting function works every 6 hours for 15 minutes.
If you are worried about temperature control disturbances during defrosting (such as during low temp. precision measurement tests), turn it off.
The display of temp. inside chamber (Solar cell-type temp. indicator)
Solar cell-type temp. indicator
The temp. inside chamber displayed on the solar battery-type indicator (a button battery built in). The temp. can be seen even when power failure. 
Possible for operation of small devices inside chamber
Can be used in various ways(Incubation at 4 ° C, Culture of aerobic microorganisms at 37℃, etc.) in combination with Shakers and Rotators. There is a Outlet inside chamber for them and a Connecting hole  for getting Power cord out.
※If Shakers is large size or moves fast, please go to the bottom.
Fixing Chromatography column to Chromatographic stand (sold separately)
Chromatographic Rack installed
Optional Chromatographic column Rack consists only self-supporting column. Prepare Clamps etc. separately to fix Chromatographic column.


Temperature range 0℃ to 45℃
Temp. control accuracy (*1)±1.0℃ to 2.0℃
Chamber volumeApprox. 392L
(Automatic defrosting function, ON/OFF can be arbitrary turned)
Outlet inside chamber/Connecting holeOutlet: 1 x 2-Socket (Drip-proof-type, 5A in total)
Connecting hole: Left side (φ36 mm)
Circulating method inside chamberForced circulating-type
Num. of Shelf/Allowable weight3 levels/50kg each (Equal weight)
Interior/Exterior material Stainless steel (except for some part)
Shelf Dimensions 460 x 615mm
(The deep of shelf of Light irradiation type narrow: 330mm)
Dimensions inside chamber494(W) x 646(D) x 1416(H)mm
Int. Dimension600(W) x 800(D) x 1905(H)mm
WeightApprox. 103kg
Power supply AC100V/6.5A
Standard accessories/Others3 x Shelf, 1 x Pallet, 1 x Drip tray, Drainage trap on the bottom
(*1) The value under ambient temperature 25℃. Useable ambient temperature is 5℃ to 30℃.
(*2) The value under 50Hz about 200mm away from fluorescent lamp. Timer for fluorescent lamp can be installed as an option.



Rack for M-210FN | Chromatographic Rack
Rack for Chromatographic column
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The double glass door both heat insulation and visibility that makes it easy to use.
■Temperature range :10℃ to 45℃ ■Temp. control accuracy (*1):±1.0℃ to 2.0℃
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