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Constant temperature incubator shaker for well-plate

Maximizer MBR-430FP

Code No.: 0062288-000

Up to 24 pcs for Microplates! Large capacity constant temperature incubator shaker for 96-well plates. The FL type can be temperature-controlled from +4℃. The FP type is CFC-free and energy-saving thanks to Peltier cooling.

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Shaking culture with Deep well plates
ELISA and Phage display method
Enzymatic digestion, Biodegradability tests, etc.

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Much quieter than conventional models. FP type uses Peltier cooling to save energy.
The balance of the shaking platform has been thoroughly improved,making it much more stable and quieter than our previous models(noise level at 1500 r/min is about 1/2).
430FL can be temperaturecontrolled from +4℃, enabling low-temperature cultivation or storage at low temperature after cultivation at 37℃. 430FP can be temperature-controlled from +20℃ and consumes only about 1/5 of power (at 37℃ and 1500 r/min) and 7 A of power supply capacity, making it very energy-efficient.


Temperature range+20℃ to +50℃ (*1)(5℃ below RT to 25℃ above RT)
Temp. control accuracy±0.5℃
Shaking motionHorizontal eccentric shaking (Inverting function)
Speed range200 to 1500 r/min(Up to 1000 r/min at inverting shaking)
Capacity (*2)Well plate ×12
Microplate ×24(*1)
Ambient temp. range (*3)+5℃ to +30℃
Shaking inverting functionThe time and speed for inverting can be set up.
Heating method/Cooling methodPeltier element
Display (Temp./Speed) Digital display
Program functions4 programs, 9 segments: Temp., Shaking speed, and time/per segment
[Setting range: 00 h 00 min to 99 h 59 min], Wait function (*4)
Safety devices/functionsLeakage/Overcurrent breaker, Fuse, Alarm of abnormal sample temp. (Set as desired), Detecting the door opening
and closing, Self-diagnosis function for sensor error, Motor
current limiter, Compressor overheating cut-off circuit (FL)
Dimensions (W × D × H)600 × 732 × 643 mm
Weight105 kg (Platform not included)
Power supplyAC 100 V/7 A
(*1)The value at 25℃ of the rear surface intake temp. The temperature range of the unit is 5℃ below RT to 25℃ above RT, or within the operating temperature range.
(*2)Shaking platform (Optional) is required to fix the plates. The capacity varies depending on the number of shaking platforms (Optional).
(*3)No condensation.
(*4)Shaking will start when reaching the preset temp.
•External output and 240 V specifications are also available by special order (FP only). Please contact
us for details.



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