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Non-contact turbidimeter for Shaking culture

OD-Monitor Turbidostat System A

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Enables Continuous culture with OD-Monitor. Fluid volume: 20/40/60/100mL.


Seed fungus not harmed during the experiment.
Continuous culture (Producing substance).
Study for Mutation by Continuous culture.


•OD-Monitor for Continuous culture system.
•Realized Small scale continuous culture compared to Mini jar fermentor.
•Used with Bioshaker BR-series in combination.
Continuous culture with Erlenmeyer flask.
The fungus concentration is kept constant at arbitrary OD value while measuring the turbidity at OD600 noncontact by adding medium and discharging liquid.
Operated with Bioshaker in combination.
Fix ODSensor with the clamp on the platform inside Bioshaker BRseries and put the vessel on it. It can be also used in TAITEC Shaker NR series in combination.
System configuration
The component units/parts are highlighted in the green squared. The photo of composition is for “1 Channel” of System B and also System A.

Realizes Small scale continuous culture at low cost.
Small scale continuous culture (Min 20mL volume) that even Mini jar fermentor cannot. Drastically save the cost of culture medium and effort of washing operation.


ModelOD-Monitor Turbidostat system A
Measurement methodLight transmission
Measurement rangeOD600=0.00~2.55
Vessel and Fluid volumeGlass Erlenmeyer flask,
Size: 100/200/300/500mL
Fluid volume: 20/40/60/100mL
Shaking conditionsOrbital shaking,
80 to 400r/min (Shaking width 25mm)
80 to 200r/min (Shaking width 30/40mm)
80 to 250r/min (Shaking width 50mm)
Measurement channel1~4
Ambient temp. range+15℃~+50℃
Composition at 1 Channel1x Control unit, 1 x Measurment unit, 2 x Pump unit, 1 x Turbidostat cap (with Pre-assembled Fluid feeding tube and Needle)
•Flask clamps required.
•This unit should be fixed to the universal platform of Bioshaker with Flask clamps (Option).
•Ask us when Fraction Collector required.

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