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Rotating Incubator (Small and Ultra-small size)

Rotator RT-050R

Code No.: 0087433-000

The rotator provides a simple and easy-to-use operation. The non-direct drive allows stable rotation from low to high speed.

RT-025R Usage example of a RT-025R vessel holder (option)


Immunoprecipitation in a refrigerator or low-temperature room
Extraction of genomic DNA
Culture of microorganisms or plant cells in a constant-temperature chamber or room


Two models with different rotation speeds
RT-025R and RT-050R offer rotations speeds of 2 to 25r/min and 5 to 50 r/min, respectively. Select according to your application.
Stable rotation ensured by the non-direct drive from low to high speed
he non-direct drive structure, in which a gear is installed between the rotating shaft and the motor shaft to relieve the direct load on the motor, provides stable rotation from low to high speeds and improves durability and freedom from noise.
Variable tilt angle

Variable tilt angle You can fix the angle freely between 0° and 90° .
This allows inversion stirring or rotation at an angle that is optimal for each optional vessel holder.
Fall stop function (fall stop device)
There is a function to stop the operation when the device falls down. This ensures security if it falls down due to, e.g., an earthquake.


Rotational speed5 to 50 r/min
Angle variable rangeAny setting from 0 to 90°
Ambient temp. range+4°C to +40°C
Drive systemNon-direct drive
Safety devicesFuse (3A), overvoltage/overcurrent protection, fall stop function
Safety functionsNon-volatile memory error, speed limit error, motor overload, out-of-range display/measurement error
WeightApprox. 3.5 kg
Power supplyAC100 ~ 240V
Standard accessoriesFuse (built-in fuse holder), power cable
(*) The vessel holder is optional.



There are no Accessories.

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