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This product has been discontinued.

Strong shaker for separating funnel

Strong shaker SR-2DS

Code No.: 0061004-000

【discontinued】Super quiet with original silent swing mechanism. Separating funnel shaker suit for validation.

SR-2DS・HE-3 set
SR-2DS can be used 90º tilt
Operation panel


Extraction of liquid for analysis sample of residual agricultural chemicals and soil contents
Pretreatment of extract solid phase from analysis sample
Various kind of mix shake


This product has been discontinued.
Strong but quiet shaking with SS, only splash sound cannot be absorbed
Noise level is only about 45dB (as in library and quiet residential area at noon time) by TAITEC original silent swing (SS) mechanism. It enables strong but quiet shaking.
Separating funnel holder can fix firmly with small force
Holder of separating funnel shaking rack can be fixed firmly even by females. There are variations to meet with various size of round, double tube, Squibb type.

From left, standard Globe Figure (Hertz-type), mid-tube type (double tube type) and Squibb type
Capacity allowance to support mass process
Not only quiet. It also has sufficient capacity of approx. 7.5kg (For SR-2DW, approx. 7.5kg for one side).
Improve usability by digital display, easy to validate
Both setting time and processed time are indicated during timer operation and can pause shaking time by OFF shaking. Without using timer, shaking time can be checked at any time (buzzer alarm function is also available).

Periodic shaking is available during timer operation. For example, 30min stop → shake 5min stop → 30min shake → 5 min stop…

If you set timer at arbitrary time before going home so that shaking procedure is finish on time of starting work next morning, you can immediately move on to next procedure.
2DS with horizontal shake
Please choose one to meet your container and purpose.


Shaking MethodReciprocal (both vertical and horizontal)
Shaking SpeedVertical: 100 - 300rpm (*1)
Horizontal: 50 - 300rpm
Amplitude40mm (fixed)
Loading LimitApprox. 7.5kg (include shaking rack)
Shaking speed displayDigital
TimerDigital ON-OFF timer (1min - 99hrs59min)
Dimensions410 x 585 x 500Hmm
WeightApprox. 49kg
Power SupplyAC100V below 1A
(*1) Sometimes cannot obtain smooth shake at 50 - 99rpm.
●Separation funnel holders other than HE-3 and other shaking racks are also available.


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Shakes Separatory funnels vertically and powerfully with energy savings. Compatible with other vessels. Low noise with our proprietary "Silent swing mechanism".
■Shaking motion:Reciprocal (Vertical) ■Shaking speed:50 to 300 r/min (*2)
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