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Strong shaker

Dissolution test shaker TS-10

Code No.: 0056405-000

Suitable for extraction procedure of heavy metals based on surroundings quality standards for soil and legislation against soil pollution. Multipurpose type with many applicable kind of container.


Extraction of heavy metals from soil for elution test and content test
Culture of micro organisms inside constant temperature room
For application which requires vigorous shaking


Shaking maximum 4 of 3L wide-mouth plastic bottles at same time
We designed shaking rack to accept as many container as possible in limited space. In addition to wide-mouth plastic bottle, medium bottle are also applicable (Max 12 when using 1L bottle).
Standard accessory shaking rack can hold plastic bottles tightly
To hold various sizes of bottles at optimum position, platform has structure which allows changing of pressing bar’s position and number. Pressing bar can be tightly fixed just by twisting its knob.
Controlling by timer is available
Two timers for setting start time of shaking and for operation time. Beep and lump will inform you time of start and finish of timer operation.
Strong and energy saving
Adopting high efficiency DC motor enables power consumption of 70W/h while loading limit is 10kg.
Optional four shaking racks accept other types of containers
In addition to standard shaking rack which is suitable for plastic bottles, there are four types of optional shaking racks

A/B/C/E-shaking rack for reciprocal shaker SR-1 can be used. Please use when you want to load containers other than plastic bottle and medium bottle.


Shaking MethodReciprocal
Shaking Speed50 - 250rpm
Amplitude45mm (fixed)
Loading LimitApprox. 10kg (exclude shaking rack)
Shaking speed displayDigital
TimerFor starting time of shake/ for operation time (up to 300hours each)
Dimensions740 x 460 x 425Hmm
WeightApprox. 70kg
Power SupplyAC100V below 12A
Standard AccessoryContainer pressing bar (long) x 3, Container pressing bar (short) x 3, adjustment screw driver for timer x 1



Test tube rack shaking platform | A shaking platform for SR-1
Can set two of Commercial test tube rack for 50 of ∅18mm test tubes side by side.
■Inner Dimension:500 x 304 x 100Hmm ■Weight:Approx ...
Flask shaking platform | B shaking platform for SR-1
Can set 6 of 1L flasks as standard.
■Applicable Container / Number:50ml Erlenmeyer's f ...
Test tube rack shaking platform | C shaking platform for SR-1
Can set max. 20 of ∅10 - 37 x 100 - 120Lmm test tubes with cap or centrifuge tubes.
■Dimensions:680 x 310mm ■Weight:Approx. 4.8kg
Spring net shaking platform | E shaking platform for SR-1
Highly flexible shaking rack. Can put any test tubes and Erlenmeyer's flasks without care the figure.
■Dimensions:480 x 300 x 120Hmm ■Weight:Approx. 2.7 ...

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