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Strong vial mixer

Vial mixer VIX-100

Code No.: 0000174-000

Strong mix of 100 of scintillation vials and test tubes by high speed shaking and reverse function.

Image of using vial bottles
Image of using test tubes


Extraction by organic solvent
Pretreatment of liquid scintillation
Various kind of mix shake


Simultaneous shaking of 100 bottles
Working efficiency is greatly improved because scintillation vial and mini vial can mix together with partition box, and test tube with cap (up to 180Lmm) can shake together with rack.
Auto-reverse function is equipped
Combination of strong mixing and reverse function demonstrate great effect on pretreatment of liquid scintillation and solvent extraction.
Fixation of container by one touch
By ratchet system (PAT.P), attach and detach of container can be done by one touch.
Timer operation
Besides long time and inverting operation, timer operation is available at max. 15 min.
Mix uniformly
Original mixing method can bring strong and uniformly mixing even at large number of samples.
Resting state

Mix at dial 3

Mix at dial 7


Shaking MethodRotary (with reverse function)
Shaking Speedto 2000rpm (dial adjustment)
Applicable Container / NumberVial bottle: 20ml ×100
Test tube with cap: up to 180mm long, capacity is depend on diameter
Platform Size325 x 325mm
Timer15min timer for operation
Dimensions480 x 420 x 575Hmm
WeightApprox. 32kg
Power SupplyAC100V 2A


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