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Bottle Kit B-4008

Code No.: 0047407-000

Rotation of Hybridization Bottles


Rotation of Hybridization Bottles


Interchangeable Bottle Kit for HB series. Capacity is 8 .
8pcs of Optional Hybridization Bottle (small/large)  can be attached. 
Even Commercial vessels that can be attached if the diameter and length can be fit.


Vessels/Capacity8pcs x Bottle
(In large sized Membranes, curl it off and put it in.)


Hybridization bottle(small) | BT-3515
Hybridization bottle (small)
■Dimensions:Inner diameter ∅33 x 150Lmm (Cap not i ...
Hybridization bottle(large) | BT-3525
Hybridization bottle (large)
■Dimensions:Inner diameter ∅33 x 250Lmm (Cap not i ...
Nylon mesh sheet | Nylon mesh sheet 230
Useful for putting membranes in bottles and Hybri-Bags.
■Dimensions:230 x 230mm(*) ■Qty:5pcs
Bottle rack | BL-4106
Acrylic-made Stand for 6pcs of bottle.
■: ■:
Bottle rack | BL-4108
Acrylic-made Stand for 8pcs of Bottle.
■: ■:

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