About Us

We contribute to the development of research and industry.

Our main products are devided into two catagories, one is scientific instruments used in universities, labs in private enterprises and national research organizations in the area of life science and environmental test. The other is a constant low temperature circulator(CHILLER) for various industries including semiconductor industries.

Brand for scientific instruments in the world.

TAITEC CORPORATION is a manufacturer of instruments for life science and environmental tests which are widely used in laboratories of universities and private corporations.TAITEC was founded in Tokyo in 1942 and started as a manufacturer of glass apparatus for chemical and scientific tests. Since then we created over 200 kinds of various instruments related to life science and they have been accepted to the market with reputation until now.

We develop original products with our own way.

Our basic technology is "temperature control" and "shaking" which were learned in the process of development of scientific instruments. And now our shaking incubator series have the biggest market share in Japan. TAITEC make the most of these basic technology and is focusing on the two key industries, life science and semi conductors to continue to develop unique and original products.

To achieve our own brand of incubation.

The important key which leads life science to be industrialized is incubation technology. We will simplify the way of incubation with optional equipments which is able to set conditions other than temperature on the basis of our shaking incubators with top share in Japan.

Sales record of 12,000 chiller units for semiconductors.

TAITEC has another aspect of manufacture of constant temperature circulators(CHILLER) for semiconductors. We have been selling as many as 12,000 units including less expensive units called "Simple Chiller series".

Out Line

Head Office2693-1, Nishikata, Koshigaya City, Saitama, Japan
EmployeesAbout 90 (consolidation base)
Representative Director, ChairmanAyako Sakashita
Representative Director, PresidentShuichiro Takizawa
Managing DirectorMasahira Araki
Sales DirectorAkihiro Hirota
Corporate AuditorShizue Katsurasawa
Capital Stock226,250,000 yen
Main BanksThe Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ,Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank.
Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise (JASME).
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