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Hybridization Oven

Hybridization Incubator HB-100N

Code No.: 0040534-000

Enables the use of four kinds of stirring methods for various vessels by the easily replaceable shaking platform. The two models with different temp. are for heating only. Stackable and saves space.

Optional Seesaw Kit inside


Various Hybridizations
Decoloration of Gel and Membrane
Cultivation of Enzyme reaction and Thermophilic bacteria at High temp.

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●Four stirring methods for vessels with the easily replaceable platform
●Stackable up to Three levels, The height is 135 cm when stacked in Three levels
●HB-100N up to 100℃
Stackable up to Three levels (Common in SW/HB series)

Up to three units of the SW/HB series can be stacked during use to strongly support space savings in laboratories. This makes it possible for more than one person to use the devices simultaneously by replacing the kit or to process a large number of samples in a limited space by using a bottle kit.
2-action Kit exchanging
Fix the platform at the bottom and Insert the drive shaft into the two holes on left side.

Reciprocal/Seesaw Kit

Insert the shaft into the hole on right side and adjust the disk of shaft to the disk on left side.

Bottle/Microtube Kit

Renewal and unification of operation panel with 100N
TAITEC’s long-selling hybridization oven, HB series. The operation panels of the 100N have been renewed and unified. Two models are available for heating only: HB-100N for up to +100℃.


Temperature range 8℃ above RT to 100℃
Temp. control accuracy (*1)±0.1℃ to 0.2℃
Shaking motionSeesaw, Reciprocal, and Rotation (Bot tle rotation and Inversion stirring of Microtubes) by changing to the Optional Shaking Kit
Shaking speed 5 to 60r/min
Platform effective dim. 260 x 230mm
Temp./Speed display Digitally
Circulating method inside the chamberSemi-Air jacket and Flow-type
Safe devices/protectionsFuse, Heater overheat double safety device, Motor overload stop, Temp. controller error self-diagnosis, Sensor error display, Abnormal vibration diagnosis function
Dimensions (W x D x H)425 x 445 x 445mm
WeightApprox. 30kg
Power supplyAC100V/3.5A (Need a step-down transformer)
Standard accessoriesPower cable×1 pc , Stackable bracket×1 pc
(*)The value under ambient temperature around 25°C.



Seesaw Kit | S-2623
For Seesaw Shaking such as Hybridization Bag
■Vessels:Plastic container, Hybrid Bag etc. ■Shaki ...
Monode Shaking platform | MD-1818
For Monode Shaking using L-shape Test tube.
■Vessels:Dedicated for L-shape Test tubes ■Capacit ...
Reciprocal Kit | R-2623
For Reciprocal Shaking with Plastic containers ans Petri dishes
■Vessels:Plastic containers, Petri dishes, etc. ■S ...
Reciprocal Multistage Shaking platform | WR-2520
Triples working capacity with same area
■: ■:
Bottle Kit | B-4008
Rotation of Hybridization Bottles
■Vessels/Capacity:Bottle × 8 pcsIn large sized Mem ...
Microtube Kit | M-1596
Interchangeable Microtube Kit for HB series.
■Vessels/Capacity:1.5/2.0 mL Microtube × 96 pcs (3 ...
Hybridization bottle(small) | BT-3515
Hybridization bottle (small)
■Dimensions:Inner diameter φ33 × 150 mm (Cap is no ...
Hybridization bottle(large) | BT-3525
Hybridization bottle (large)
■Dimensions:Inner diameter φ33 × 250 mm (Cap is no ...
Nylon mesh sheet | Nylon mesh sheet 230
Useful for putting membranes in bottles and Hybri-Bags.
■Dimensions:230 x 230mm(*) ■Qty:5pcs
Bottle rack | BL-4106
Acrylic-made Stand for 6pcs of bottle.
■: ■:
Bottle rack | BL-4108
Acrylic-made Stand for 8pcs of Bottle.
■: ■:
Inversion stirring Kit | M-4000
Invertion stirring and Rotation of Micro Vials and Disposable Centrifuge tubes.
■Set content:Rotary shaft, Tray, 3pcs x M-0500, 3p ...

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