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Inversion stirring Kit M-4000

Code No.: 0079146-000

Invertion stirring and Rotation of Micro Vials and Disposable Centrifuge tubes.

Kit configuration Comes with 3 kinds and 3pcs of Tube holder.
The nails can be attached with changing in direction. (Vessels and Slide glass not included)
Example of use


Invertion stirring and Rotation of Micro Vials and Disposable Centrifuge tubes.


Interchangeable Inversion stirring Kit for HB series.
The Set includes Rotary shaft and Tube holder 3 types (for 4pcs x 50ml Disposable Centrifuge tube, for 6pcs x 15 ml Disposable Centrifuge tubes, for 8pcs x Micro Vials that fit to diameter of 1.5/2.0 ml Microtubes; Each 3 tubes) and Tray. As the nails of holder can be attached with changing the direction by 90°,  “in situ Hybridization” can be also done by setting 50ml Disposable Centrifuge tube-sized Slide glass vessels to direction of rotation as shown in below figure.


Set contentRotary shaft, Tray, 3pcs x M-0500, 3pcs x M-0150 and 3pcs x M-0150
Vessels/CapacityM-0500 : 4pcs of 50 mL Disposable Centrifuge tube
M-0150 : 6pcs x 15 mL Disposable Centrifuge tube
M-0015 : 8pcs x 1.5/2.0 mL Microtubes etc.
*Up to 6pcs of Tube holders can be attached on the rotating shaft when no interference the vessels.
(*) Each Tube holder can be singly sold for additional.


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