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For production of vaccine

●Biosystems (Shikoku Instrumentation CO.,LTD.)
TAITEC handles the products for pharmaceutical manufacturing factories manufactured by Shikoku Instrument Industry Co.,Ltd.
The company’s product have been introduced in many vaccine manufacturing sites in Japan, And TAITEC is the sole agent for Shikoku Instrument to exports the products in overseas.
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●TAITEC CO2 incubator for large scale cell culture and production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, etc. by stack plates.

 There are 4 models of For production of vaccine.

The machine checks growth progress of fertilized eggs which incubate influenza viruses and removes the eggs not suitable for vaccine production. It contributes to labor saving by improving inspection accuracy and processing speed drastically!!
■Body size(L x W x H):5,200(L) x 1,400(W) x 2,340( ...
Large size CO 2 Incubator Prescyto MG-2000C
Available for CF40/CellSTACK® 4x2.Easy to put in and out by exclusive wagon.
■Chamber size/M3:1120x1410x1343Hmm, approx..1,900L ...
A microscope for observing multi-layer culture vessels.
■Object of observation:Resin multi-layer incubator ...
Automatic Manipulator
A dedicated manipulator for handling multi-layer incubators.
■Object of observation:Resin multi-layer incubator ...
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