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A microscope for observing multi-layer culture vessels.

Two microscopes Multi-observation is possible by placing microscopes on the sides and bottom of the incubator. The side scope slides up and down.
Observe the image on the monitor The monitor placed on the top of the device can magnify the display by 50 to 400 times.
Easy operation with touch panel A touch panel is used for easy operation. Operation can be performed while observing on the monitor. (Language can be selected).


Observation of cells, tissues, viruses, and other organisms in resin multilayer culture vessels on a monitor using a microscope.

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Microscopic observation system


●Observation of each layer of a multilayer container, which has been difficult until now,
but now is possible.
●Observation at 50 to 400 times magnification is possible depending on the application.
●Observation of about 80% of the bottom area of the culture vessel is possible from the
bottom to the third layer.
●Main operations are easy with the touch panel.
●Observation data can be saved in the built-in PC for analysis.
●Observed images can be enlarged and displayed on the upper monitor.
●The installation space is approximately 1250 * 810mm, which saves space.


Object of observationResin multi-layer incubator Thermo Fisher Scientific: Cell Factory Corning International: Cell Stack Each company's product has 1 to 40 tiers or a maximum height of 800mm
MicroscopeCamera: Digital microscope (2 million pixels) Lens: 50-400x can be attached Lighting: Metal Halide Lamp 21W
Monitor21 inch LCD
UtilityElectricity: Single-phase 200V within 3KVA
Air: Suction 0.5KPa 90ℓ / min (or none)
Material and structureSUS304, box structure with minimal unevenness


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