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Mojonnier tube shaking platform M shaking platform for SR-2

Code No.: 0081617-000

Special example of SR-2ES Shaking table This is a shaking table for vessels used in lipid extractions in Japan. The shaking table is designed to avoid the unevenness that occurs when shaking by hand.

Mojonnier tube × 6 pcs


Fat extraction testing using majonia tube.

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The comparison test for Shaking tube by hand versus Shaker with tubes
Put 100 g of sample into each Mojonnier tube. Compared the amount of fat extraction between Shaking tube by hand to Shaker with tubes for 1 min. As a result, we verified that the Shaker with tubes can equally be used compared to Shaking a tube by hand.
*The shaking speed for Shaker with tubes was 240 r/min.


ModelSR-2ES with M Shaking platform
CapacityMojonnier tube × 6 pcs
WeightApprox. 5 kg
Dimensions (W×D×H)373 × 408 × 106 mm (Protrusions are not included)

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