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Bench-top shaker

Invitro shaker2 Wave-SI2

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Compact shaker with a lot of options. Mild shaking seesaw type.

Invitro shaker distinguished by color of the panel Green means "gentle shake like by hand"


Extract of genomic DNA
Stain and destain of gel, washing and blocking of membrane
Staining/Decolorization, ImmunoPrecipitation, Western Blotting, Trypsin etc.


Two optional features sold separately.
① : Digital setting timer operation function
A  timer is equipped with 3 kind of mode.
・Shaking stops after the set time .(ON – OFF)
・Shaking starts after the set time .(OFF – ON)
・ Repeated on and off. Prevent sample precipitation, etc.(ON – OFF – END)
② : Add Signal terminal
Can be connected to Speed ​​recorder etc.
Securely available inside constant temperature chamber or refrigerator
Since it is designed to stable operation at environment of 0ºC to +50 ºC, you can use it in combination with incubator and so on.
Image of combination of M-130
Various shaking rack and display is option
Making speed display option for the first time in the industry of wavy/seesaw.
Seesaw shake suit for Tupperware and Petri dish
Wave-SI/SI slim can seesaw shake. Seesaw shake is mild but medium pass center of container even if liquid amount is low in container like Tupperware.
Equipped with variable angle mechanism
Variable angle mechanism can adjust slope of shaking rack within range by hand.
Angle adjuster of Wave-SI

Angle display of Wave-SI


Shaking MethodSeesaw shake
Shaking Speed5 to 50rpm
Platform size300 x 200mm
Surroundings temperature0ºC to 50ºC
Shaking Angle2º - 10º (variable)
Shaking speed displayDigital, up-down setting
Loading LimitApprox. 2kg (not include shaking rack and holder)
Dimensions300 x 235 x 167Hmm
WeightApprox. 5.5kg
Power SupplyAC100 to 240V 0.5A
Standard AccessorySticky sheet (ST-2030) x 1
●Shaking rack and holder is option.



Sticky sheet | ST-2030
Non-slip sheet on stand
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Two-tier shaking platform | WR-2030
Doubles working capacity with same area and one shaker.
■Dimensions:204 x 304 x 168Hmm ■●One ST-2030 is at ...
Large shaking platform | WR-3636
Large sized flask and tray for cell culture can be used on this.
■Dimensions:364 x 364 x 12Hmm (dedicated sticky sh ...
Microtube holder | PR-1112
1.5ml micro tube holder for PR-12 and Wave-PR/SI.
■Applicable Container / Number:1.5/2.0ml Microtube ...
Centrifuge tube holder | PR-1808
50ml centrifuge tube holder for PR-12 and Wave-PR/SI.
■Applicable Container / Number:15ml(∅17×120mm) cen ...
Centrifuge tube holder | PR-3504
15ml Centrifuge tube holder for PR-12 and Wave-PR/SI.
■Applicable Container / Number:50ml(∅29×115mm) Cen ...
Universal shaking platform | MT-2030
It is suitable shaking rack to shake Erlenmeyer flask and centrifuge tube stably.
■Dimensions:200 x 300 x 23Hmm ■●Each clamp is opti ...
Horizontal clamp for centrifuge tube | AT-0004
Clamp fixes centrifuge tube horizontally
■Applicable Container / Number:15ml Centrifuge tub ...
Spring net | SP-2030
Net to prevent rolling out of centrifuge tube and so on.
■Dimensions:200 x 300 x 12Hmm ■:
Spring net shaking platform | MR-2030
Multipurpose shaking rack for various kinds of container's shape
■Applicable Container / Number:Outer diameter of ∅ ...

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