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General catalog (English) have been published!

We have published our English general catalog.
We cover our products that can be handled overseas over 228 pages.
PDF can be downloaded from the following.

[General catalog PDF]
TAITEC General Catalog PDF (PDF,66MB)
TAITEC General Catalog.zip (Zip file, 49MB)

[PDF of each chapter]
Chapter 1 -Please read it first (Company Profile, Distributors, 12MB)
Chapter 2 -Constant temperature incubator shaker (8MB)
Chapter 3 -CO2/multi-gas incubator, CO2 Incubator Shaker (3MB)
Chapter 4 -Shaker (8MB)
Chapter 5 -Mixer, Rotator, Stirrer (2.2MB)
Chapter 6 -Bead beater homogenizer, Ultrasonic Homogenizer (4.8MB)
Chapter 7 -Aluminum block bath, Mini size bath  (6.2MB)
Chapter 8 -Water bath, Shaking Water bath, Immersion cooler (6.6MB)
Chapter 9 -Hybridization Incubator, Constant temperature chamber (2MB)
Chapter 10 -Centrifugal Concentrator, Cold trap (4.5MB)
Chapter 11 -Freeze dryer (2MB)
Chapter 12 -Electrophoresis apparatus, Blotting device (3MB)
Chapter 13 -Constant temperature water circulating system [Chiller] (5.4MB)
Chapter 14 -Appendix (2MB)

* Please request the English catalog of the paper booklet from this form.
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