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SATAKE Bioreactor Series

We are distributing Satake’s bio reactors for overseas market.
Satake MultiMix Corporation is a No.1 manufacture of bio reactors in sales in Japan and Satake manufacture the bio rectors with superior scalability by their experienced stirring and flow control technology.
SATAKE BioReactors are characterized by the combination of the high-performance mixing impellers and mixing methods developed uniquely by SATAKE. Their BioReactors feature scalability that does not depend on the target scale.
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 There are 2 models of SATAKE Bioreactor Series.

Culture controller for Bioreactor S-BOX×10αII
With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α II”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed.
■Display range/accuracy:pH: 0.00 to 14.00 [pH]
BioReactor VMF Reactor
Animal cell BioReactor VMF Reactor. Vertical reciprocating motion type mixer for cell culture
■Temperature control method:Band heater (PID contr ...
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