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Automatic Manipulator

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A dedicated manipulator for handling multi-layer incubators.

Trolley is included
Control Panel
Operation screen. Language selectable (English / Chinese etc..)


Handling of medium Injection/ Emission /Trypsin treatment into a multilayer incubator in the vaccine production process

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Automatic Manipulator


●Multiple multi-layer incubators *can be handled (swinged, agitated, discharge).
●Up to 4 large multi-layer incubators (40 layers, 52 layers) can be loaded.
As an option, up to 8 cell factories and 10 cell stacks (36 for hyper stacks) can be loaded.
Cell factory,cell stack,hyper stack.


ModelAutomatic Manipulator
Object of observationResin multi-layer incubator , Thermo Fisher Scientific: Cell Factory,Corning International: Cell Stack Each company's product has 1 to 40 tiers or a maximum height of 800mm
Device weight1,070kg (Excluding Trolley)
Allowable load (static load)200kg (including container and upper trolley)
Turning motion-5 (right) to 135 (left) ° (-30 to 150 ° option)
Inclined motion-20 (front) to 30 (rear) °
Turning speed1 to 60 ° / sec (operating speed excluding acceleration / deceleration range)
Inclined speed1 to 60 ° / sec (operating speed excluding acceleration / deceleration range)
Shaking motion Plane reciprocating motion, forward/backward, left/right, Diagonal and Rotational .
Shaking speedMaximum 100mm / sec (at 30mm / 100rpm)
Shaking amountMaximum 50mm
Power supplyAC200 to 230V 50/60Hz 9kVA(AC380 to 440V option)
Containers handled40 (52) stage multi-layer incubator x 4 (10-stage multi-layer incubator x 8, option)
Installation environmentTemperature: 5 ℃ -30 ℃, Humidity: 50% or less (30 ℃, non condensation), Floor: Load capacity 1t / m2, non gradient recommended


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