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Automated products for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

TAITEC handles the products for pharmaceutical manufacturing factories manufactured by Shikoku Instrument Industry Co.,Ltd.
The company’s product have been introduced in many vaccine manufacturing sites in Japan, And TAITEC is the sole agent for Shikoku Instrument to exports the products in overseas.
We have been introducing Shikoku products for the past 10 years over the world.
We already exported their products including our large-sized CO2 incubator more than 100 sets in China.
Our market of related vaccine production has been expanding in the world.

Automatic Manipulator

Automatic manipulator is dedicated to handles the multi-layer incubators for use in clean rooms.
It automates the processing steps of cell filling, drainage, harvesting, and trypsinization.
We also supply the Thermo and Corning 40-layers container multi-layer culture vessels, and optionally 10-layers container of culture vessels.
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Microscope for multi-stage culture vessel

It is a device that allows you to observe the biological conditions of cells, tissues, viruses, etc. in a resin multi-layer culture vessel with a microscope on a monitor.
●Two microscopic
Multiple observations are possible by placing microscopes on the sides and bottom of the incubator.
Also, the scope on the side can slides up and down.
●Observe the image on the monitor
The monitor placed at the top of the device can magnify the display by 50 to 400 times.
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Automatic Egg detector

Vaccines such as influenza are manufactured using fertilized chicken eggs. The virus is cultivated by injecting the virus into fertilized eggs and keeping it warm for several days. After that, the increased virus solution in the fertilized egg is collected and used as a raw material for the vaccine. However, at this time, bad eggs may be mixed up, and of course, bad eggs may adversely affect the collected vaccine raw materials rather than culturing the vaccine.
This device observes the developmental state of fertilized eggs and performs image processing to automatically distinguish between good eggs and defective eggs such as dead and undeveloped eggs, and removes the defective eggs.

In the past, in egg inspection work, inspectors illuminated each egg individually and visually observed the inside of the egg in a dark room. Therefore, the inspector has a great labor load, and since it is performed by humans, the inspection results will vary.
This device can be expected to stabilize quality and save labor by quantifying the state of eggs and automatically determining them.



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