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High temperature circulator

Heat exchanger TEX-25A

Code No.: 0031547-000

Specialized in using fluorine-based heating medium for the heating control in high temperature range.


Heating control in high temp. range for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Taitec general catalog-Heat exchanger TEX-25A (PDF)


Hot medium circulator specializes in the heating temperature control.
Designed to be used with fluorine-based heating medium (Galden® HT270) for the heating control in high temperature range (+70℃ to+200℃ ).
Temperature drop quickly for Maintenance.
Make the cooling water flow into the cooling coil. For example, in the case of cooling water +20 ℃ , it takes approx. 25 minutes to lower to +70 ℃ from +200 ℃.


Model TEX-25A
Temperature range +70℃ to +200℃
Control accuracy(*1) PID controller, ±2.0℃
Heater output 2.5kW
Pumping capacity Flow rate: 10L/min(0.2MPa at 60Hz,+150℃)
Motor output: 0.75kW
Temp. rise and drop time(*2) Temp. rise time(+70℃→+200℃):approx. 30 min(cooling water OFF)
Temp. drop time(+200℃→+70℃):approx. 25 min(cooling water ON), Cooling water condition:approx.8L/min at +20℃
Safety device/function Short/Over current breaker, Circulating fluid high temperature, Temperature abnormal, Low fluid cut off, Liquid high-level, Pump overload
INPUT/OUTPUT functions Remote temperature control connector, Heater ON/OFF input, Cooling water ON/OFF input, Temp. monitor signal output, Safety device actuation signal output
Heating medium (Circulating fluid) GALDEN HT270
Fluid tank capacity approx. 3L(+Reserve tank:approx. 7L)
Connecting pipe diameter Circulating fluid in/out:Rc1/2, Primary cooling water in/out:Rc1/2
External dimensions / Weight 410×698×881H mm, approx. 80kg
Power Supply (three phase AC200V, 50/60Hz) 15A
Operation current 12A
Standard accessories Signal connector, power connector, spare fuse
(*1)When the circulation flow rate is less 5 L/min at no load.
(*2)The unit alone at no-load.
●The specifications when using GALDEN HT 270. This heating medium is specified for this product.
●Ambient temperature range for this product is +7℃ to +35℃ .
●The fee for Delivery, Installing, Piping work and Wiring work are quoted separately.



| GALDEN HT series
Not subject to the regulations of Protection of the Ozone Layer. Explosion-proof measures NOT required with having no flash point.
■Applicable Model :TEX-25A, SC-60 ■:
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