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High temperature circulator

Heat exchanger TEX-25A

Code No.: 0031547-000

Circulation the hot water up to +80℃ with high accuracy ± 0.5℃ . Various customized such as heater output and pump capacity upon the request.


Heating control in high temp. range for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Hot medium circulator specializes in the heating temperature control.
Designed being used with fuorine-based heating medium (Galden® HT270 or HT200) for the heating control in high temperature range (+70℃ -+200℃ ).
Temperature drop quickly for Maintenance.
Make cooling water flow into cooling coil. e.g.; In the case the cooling water +20 ℃ , it takes approx. 25 minutes to lower +70 ℃ from +200 ℃ .


Model TEX-25A
Temperature range +70℃ - +200℃
Control accuracy(*1) PID controller, ±0.5℃
Heater output 2.5kW
Pumping capacity Flow rate: 14L/min(0.2MPa at +150℃)
Motor output: 1.1kW
Temp. rise and drop time(*2) Temp. rise time(+70℃→+200℃):approx. 30 min(cooling water OFF)
Temp. drop time(+200℃→+70℃):approx. 25 min(cooling water ON), Cooling water condition:approx.8L/min at +20℃
Safety device/function Short/Over current breaker, Circulating fluid high temperature, Temperature abnormal, Low fluid cut off, Liquid high-level, Pump overload
INPUT/OUTPUT functions Remote temperature control connector, Temp. monitor signal output, Safety device actuation signal output
Heating medium (Circulating fluid) GALDEN HT270 or HT200 (cannot be mixed)
Fluid tank capacity approx.3L(+Reserve tank:approx.7L)
Connecting pipe diameter Circulating fluid in/out:Rc1/2, Primary cooling water in/out:Rc1/2
External dimensions / Weight 406×761×924Hmm, approx. 115kg
Power Supply (three phase AC200V, 50/60Hz) 15A
Operation current 12A
Standard accessories Signal connector, power connector, spare fuse
(*1)When the circulation flow rate is less 5 L/min at no load.
(*2)The unit alone at no-load. The specifications were when using GALDEN HT270.
●Ambient temperature range for this product is +7℃ - +35℃ .
●The fee for Delivery, Installing, Piping work and Wiring work are quoted separately.



| GALDEN HT series
Not subject to the regulations of Protection of the Ozone Layer. Explosion-proof measures NOT required with having no flash point.
■Applicable Model :TEX-25A, SC-60 ■:
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