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Container pressing bar Vessel press bar (short) for SR

Code No.: 0001879-000

For addition to SR


B Shaking platform additionally.
φ6 mm × 335 mm


B Shaking platform additionally.
φ6 mm × 335 mm


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Strong shaker | Reciprocal shaker | SR-1D
Compatible with Test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks. Shakes strongly with 50 mm shaking width.
■Shaking motion:Orbital shaking ■Shaking speed :50 to 250r/min (*)
Strong shaker for separating funnel | Strong shaker | SR-2DS
【discontinued】Super quiet with original silent swing mechanism. Separating funnel shaker suit for validation.
■Shaking Method:Reciprocal (both vertical and horizontal) ■Shaking Speed:Vertical: 100 - 300rpm (*1)Horizontal: 50 - 300rpm
Strong shaker | Elution testing shaker | TS-10N
Optimum for Soil elution testing, Soil harmful metals contained testing, and the leaching operation of harmful metals contained from industrial waste
■Shaking motion:Reciprocal shaking ■Shakig speed/width:50 to 250r/min, 45mm (Fixed)
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