Brand for scientific instruments in the world.

TAITEC CORPORATION is a manufacturer of instruments for life science and environmental tests which are widely used in laboratories of universities and private corporations.Taitec was founded in Tokyo in 1942 and started as a manufacturer of glass apparatus for chemical and scientific tests. Since then we created over 200 kinds of various instruments related to life science and they have been accepted to the market with reputation until now.

Introduction of product line
for biologics production

TAITEC can support biologics production by original
system based on devices, single use vessel, and
non-invasive sensing.

Bead beater-type homogenizer μT-01, μT-12

Completely different from conventional noisy bead crushers! Crush animal tissues powerfully with
one micro tube or up to 12 micro tubes loadable.


Will be dramatically easier to measure the turbidity of the culture experiment!

Multi-gas incubator MG-71M

Highly precise multi-gas incubator.
New feature "hypoxia booster" makes quick transition to hypoxic condition.

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