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Test tube mixer

Delta mixer Delta mixer

Code No.: 0061609-000

Reliable performance to everyday use machine. Test tube mixer with mixing power and stability.


Mixing-stirring of samples and reagents
Promotion of various reactions by stirring
Crushing of fungal, etc. with beads, DNA extraction from fecal samples

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Well-balanced Mixer that never moves around thanks
to Delta balance
We developed three legs and a triangle body to realize our customer’s request “Desired a mixer that is never moving around”. We received results that the Mixer did not moved around on slippery planes and slopes that were painted with oil.
Microtubes can be fixed to the “Miracle Head”

Our original Miracle Head enables smooth hand-held stirring of 15 mL and 50 mL Centrifuge tubes and also Microtubes on the center of head. In 50 mL Centrifuge tubes, up to 30 mL can be stirred.
Microtubes can be fixed to the periphery of the Miracle Head. Useful for long-time stirring.


ModelDelta mixer
Stirring motionHorizontal eccentric
Vibration speed (*1)Approx. 2800 r/min(Fixed)
Operation modeContinuous
Capacity●Hand-held stirring Microtubes and 50 mL in Centrifuge tubes (*2)
●Stirring with Microtubes fixed Se-04: 0.5 mL ×4 pcs + 1.5/2.0 mL ×4 pcs
Ambient temperature+5ºC to +35ºC
Dimensions(W × D × H)128 × 143 × 134 mm(Miracle Head is included)
WeightApprox. 2kg (Miracle Head is included)
Power SupplyAC100V/0.5A(Need a step-down transformer)
Standard accessoriesMiracle Head 04 ×1 pc
(*1)The value at 50 Hz. The value at 60 Hz is under 3300 r/min in Se-08.
(*2)Up to 30 mL out of 50 mL in Centrifuge tubes can be stirred for sure.


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Our proprietary technology "Delta balance" prevents the Mixer from moving around during operation. Developed by our customer's request, this user-friendly mixer offers excellent stirring and stability.
■Stirring motion:Horizontal eccentric ■Vibration speed (*1):Up to 2800 r/min(Strength adjustment)
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