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Shaking platform for Deep well plates DWP-2412

Code No.: 0062043-000

Rack hold 6 deep well plates


Rack hold 6 deep well plates


Applicable Container / NumberCommon deep well x 6 / 1 step
Level NumberM·BR-420FL : 2 step
●A microtube rack (EM-1524) is attachable, but the best shaking effect may not be guaranteed.
The number of installation of EM-1524 is 6 piece x 2 step.
●Optional ADP-2412 is necessary for the installation of the brimmed deepwell.


Adapter | ADP-2412
Adaptor that installs the brimmed deepwell in the deepwell shaking rack of DWP-2412
■Level Number:M·BR-420FL : 2 for each level ■:

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