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Shakers for Well plates and Microtubes

Micro mixer E-022

Code No.: 0085539-000

Effective mix of 96 well plates and microtubes. Shaking speed is switchable between high and low.

E-022 with Microtube rack (Optional)
E-022 with Shaking platform for Well plates (Option *2 sets can be fixed in standard while other options are available.)


•Promotion of Eenzyme digestion of mouse tail, etc.
•Promotion of ELISA reaction, Biopanning, etc.
•Plasmid DNA extraction

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Features for Horizontal eccentric shaking
Horizontal eccentric shaking is a method designed where multiple parallel microtubes are evenly hung for a stirring effect similar to Test tube mixers in which the tubes are stirred one by one. Optimum for 0.5/1.5 mL Microtubes as well as for 96-well Microplates and Deep well plates.
How inside of mixing microtube


Shaking Methodhorizontal excentric vibration
Vibration speed300 to 2500 r/min
Speed display/settingDigital display/input
Platform dimensions270 × 96 mm (inner dims.)
Ambient temp. range+4℃ to +40℃
Applicable vesselsMicrotubes (Optional racks below required)
Well plates (2 sets can be fixed in standard) (*)
Safety devices/functionsFuse, Overvoltage/overcurrent protection, Nonvolatile memory error, Speed limit error, Display/measuring range error, Motor overload
Dimensions (W×D×H)300×200×105Hmm
WeightApprox. 6 kg
Standard accessoriesPower cord×1 pc, Fuse (with built-in Fuse Holder)×1 pc
Power supplyAC 100 to 240 V
(*)Well plate can be mounted directly in the standard while Optional shaking platform for well plates (WP-9602) The state of stirring in Microtubes is recommended to hold them securely.



Microtube Rack | EM-0836
Alminum microtube rack for 36 pcs of 0.5ml microtube
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Microtube Rack | EM-1036
Alminum microtube rack for 36 pcs of 1.5ml microtube
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Shaking plarform for well plate | WP-9602
For deep well and micro plate which cannot be loaded on standard rack.
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