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Planetary centrifugal stirrer

Planetary centrifugal stirrer for volatile substance elution GR-5

Code No.: 0019208-000

Suitable for extraction procedure of heavy metals based on environmental quality standards for soil and legislation against soil pollution. Rotary and revolutionary type with self recovery of stirrer bar.


Extraction of volatile substance based on announcement from Ministry of Environment 46 at year Heisei 3
Mixing of solution containing pebbles, gravels and particles
Various elution test


Simultaneous shake of 5 Erlenmeyer’s flask up to 500ml
Maximum of 5 500ml Erlenmeyer’s flasks can be shaken under same condition all the time. Acrylic guide is attached helps positioning of container under condition where the inside liquid becomes opaque.
6 hours timer is equipped
Buzzer will notice you the time of finish of 6 hours operation by timer.
Original mixing system with self come back of stirrer bar on deviation provide powerful and stable mix
Original system of rotate stirrer bar revolutionary while it is moving rotary
Adopted original rotary and revolutionary system (PAT.P). It shows outstanding mixing power compare to ordinary stirrer. Under normal condition (regulation volume 6 – 7), stirrer bar can come back on position automatically when it flipped by particles or gravels and deviated.
Suit for official method for extraction of volatile substance
It is much to extraction method of volatile substance (listed below) based on “environmental criteria on soil pollution” and “soil pollution measures law”.


Rotation speed100 - 1200rpm
Applicable Container / NumberUp to 500ml Erlenmeyer's flask ( x 5)
Ratio of rotation: revolution10 : 1
Timer6hours timer for operation
Top board Dimensions408 x 312mm
Dimensions424 x 338 x 171Hmm
WeightApprox. 12.5kg
Power SupplyAC100V 1A
Standard AccessoryAcrylic guide, stirrer bar x 5



Stir bar | Stir bar for GR-5
GR-5 special stirrer bar (36mm)
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