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Optional tank for Nitrogen gas Generator


Code No.: 0081938-000

Optional tank for Nitrogen gas Generator N2 GENESIS 200. The frequencies of maintenance can be reduced by apporx 3 times when using together with the Optional tank.


Cost‐saving optional tank for GST-0205M
The optional GENESIS Saver GST-0205M can be used with the Nitrogen gas Generator N2 GENESIS 200. It is equipped with a small pressure vessel that can store nitrogen gas generated from the N2 GENESIS 200.
While using the stored nitrogen gas, you can turn off the operation of the N2 GENESIS 200. As a result, the operation time for N2 GENESIS 200 is reduced and minimizes frequent maintenance, power consumption, and operating noise that can recoup your initial investment as Cost savings.


Ambient temp. range15〜35℃
Appkicable modelN2 GENESIS 200
Gas tank capacityabout 5L
Gas tank pressureMax. 0.48MPa
Gas pressure on the supply side to the deviceMax. 0.1MPa
Weightabout 15kg
Power supplyAC100V, 0.5A (10A: with N2 GENESIS 200)

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