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Compact size constant temperature incubator shaker for Well plate and Microtube

Maximizer MBR-022K

Code No.: 0086507-000

This maximizer is optimal for small-diameter vessels such as well plates, microtubes, and vials. It is suitable for applications that require multi-specimen processing or high-speed micro vibration.

96-well plate


Shaking culture in deep well plates or microtubes
Antibody reaction in ELISA or phage display
Enzymatic digestion, biodegradability testing, metabolome analysis, etc.

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The S-Max drive enables highly efficient stirring/culturing

The S-Max drive is a mechanism that improves the accuracy of vibration speed and reduces wobbling in the vertical direction by employing a special rubber and crankshaft structure.

It prevents the main unit from moving due to the vibration during operation and also lessens noise. The vibration and noise of the main unit are reduced by 50% or more, as compared with existing devices.

 Applicable vessels 

When shaking non-skirted PCR plates or semi-skirted well plates, you can use off-the-shelf tube racks for stirring. The vibration speed should be up to 1200 r/min when using them.

(*) Semi-skirted low-profile types cannot be used in this combination.

The new mechanism realizing highly stable stirring effect.
Our newly developed S-Max drive mechanism greatly reduces instability of the main body. It is stable and do not move around even if multiple
units are installed on narrow shelves. Compared with a conventional model, M•BR-022UP, the vibration rate of the main body is reduced by more than 50%.


Temperature range (*1)+7℃ above RT to +60℃
Temp. control accuracy (*2)±0.5°C to 1.0°C
Shaking motionHorizontal eccentric vibration (S-Max drive)
Vibration speed300 to 2500 r/min
Well plate ×2pcs
Microtube rack (24 pcs) ×2pcs
Ambient temp. range+5℃ to +35℃
Heating methodHeater unit (for heating only)
emp./speed displayDigital display
Safety devices /functionsFuse, high temperature, braking when hood open, motor overload, motor overvoltage, sample protection alarm (high/low temperature),non-volatile memory error, sensor disconnection diagnosis, autotuning error, alarm setting error, speed limit error, out-of-range display/measurement error
WeightApprox. 13 kg
Power supplyAC100 ~ 240V
Standard accessoriesPower cable ×1pc, plate adapter×1pc, fuse×1pc,drain tray×1pc
(*1) The limits on the temperature range are the room temperature minus 7°C for cooling and plus 40°C for heating.
(*2) Values for when the ambient temperature is +25°C.
●This product is designed with a shaking mechanism suitable for 96-well plates,
and the stirring efficiency will vary when it is used with other well plates such as those with 24 or 384 wells.



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