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Oxygen concentration program unit MG-PU01

Code No.: 0081984-000

Enables for Various patterns of oxygen concentration changed by connecting to Multi-gas incubator MG-71M !

Multi-gas incubator MG-71M with MG-PU01
Operation with Touch panel


Rreproduction In vivo environment by changing oxygen
Recording of Gas concentration and temperature


Changes oxygen concentration according to the duration.
Oxygen concentration program unit can be connect to Multi-gas incubator MG-71M to change oxygen concentration inside the chamber. The change of blood flow and oxygen of such as inside a tumor can be simulated.

The pattern of oxygen concentration change in high flexibility.
The pattern of oxygen concentration changes can be created with high flexibility.
Not only periodical hypoxic condition but also multi-step change and repetition number can be set.


Applicable modelMG-71M
ConfigurationTouch panel PC (Buil-in Control software), Connection cable, AC adapter, Power cable, Stylus pen
System requirementsMG-71M, N2/O2/CO2 Gas (O2 gus not required if no Step in which O2 concentration is boosted), AC100V/Approx. 1A
*Program specifications**Program specifications*
Protocol setting①Initial O2 concentration ③Intermediate step: Max. 9 times ⑦O2 concentration after the end. Up to 5 programs can be saved and invoked.
Step setting④O2 concentration and ⑤Connection time are set as 1 step.
O2 concentration setting1 to 25%, Set in 0.1%
Connection timesetting 0 to 1440 min (24 hours), Set in 1 min
Repetition setting ⑥ Repetition number: 1 to 98 arbitrarily set in "Intermediate step: Max. 9 times".
Setting "1" makes each step only one time.
Entering "0" makes Initial O2 concentration kept.
Start time setting②Start time of Intermediate step or Immediately after started
Data logThe temperature, the concentration of O2 and CO2 inside MG-71M chamber can be logged at 1 minute intervals and its data written in USB memory.

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