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Rotating Incubator (Ultra-small size)

Rotator RT-30mini

Code No.: 0057154-000

Ultra-small size rotator. Easy Inverting stir at a corner of a laboratory table or in a refrigerator.

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ImmunoPrecipitation in refrigerators or cold rooms
Extraction of Genomic DNA
Culture of Microbe and Plant cells in incubators

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Ultra-small size design, as small as the palms of both hands
Micro size for easy carrying
It is easily portable and is large enough to be used in an incubator, refrigerator, or in a
small space on a laboratory table without stress.
Rotational speed of 3 to 30 r/min, and is safe for use in refrigerators
Rotation speed is 3 to 30 r/min. It works reliably in an environment
of 0℃ to 50℃ and is safe for use in refrigerators and incubators.
Timer operation is not available, but it has the same functions as the series model shown on the previous page, such as variable angle and two holders.
Special design for vessel holders
In addition to Microtubes, holders for Centrifuge tubes are also available. As a feature of the holder for this product only, microtubes can be attached to the Centrifuge tube holder simultaneously.


Rotation speed3 to 30 r/min
Angle variable range0° to 90° Optional setting
Ambient temperature0ºC to +50ºC
Dimensions(W×D×H)120 × 172 × 182 mm (*)
WeightApprox. 2 kg (*)
Power supplyAC100V/0.1A (Need a step-down transformer)
Standard accessoriesAngle pointer ×1 pc,Fixed knob for holders ×1 pc, Fixed packing for holders×1 pc
(*)When 1 pc of holder is attached at tilt angle 0°.
●The vessel holders for RT-5N/50N is not compatible with the vessel holder for RT-30mini.



Inversed mix holder | SE-0108M
Inversed mix holder for micro rotator RT-30mini.
■Applicable Container / Number:1.5/2.0 mL Microtub ...
Inversed mix holder | SE-1800M
For micro rotator RT-30mini. Inversed mix holder for 15ml centrifuge tube/micro tube.
■Applicable Container / Number:15ml centrifuge tub ...
Inversed mix holder | SE-3500M
For micro rotator RT-30mini. Inversed mix holder for 50ml centrifuge tube/micro tube.
■Applicable Container / Number:50ml centrifuge tub ...
Joint for additional holder | SEJ-033
Joint for additional holder for micro rotator/RT-30mini
■: ■:

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