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Ultra low temperature circulator

Super cool SC-60α

Code No.: 0081436-000

The SC-60α has an additional "cooling capacity increase" over the conventional SC-60! Ultra-low temperature chiller unit with a wide operating temperature range of -60℃ to +40℃. Dual refrigeration system provides high cooling capacity in spite of its compact size. Dedicated for fluorine-based heating media.


Temperature control for Etching equipment
Temperature control for Optical fiber production

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TAITEC general catalog-Ultra cool SC-60(pdf)


●Can be stable cooling even in ultra-low temperature range (-60℃ to +40℃)
●Temperature control with high accuracy
●Sealed Tank The pump is risk free from liquid leakage


Temperature range (*1)-60℃ to +40℃
Control accuracy (*2)±0.5℃, Hearer PID Controller
Cooling capacity (*3)1.3kW(Circulating temperature: -40℃)
Compressor output, Refrigerant1.5 kW, R404A, R23
Pumping capacityFlow rate[L/min]: 11(at 0.15MPa)
Motor output[kW]: 0.40 ※Operated by inverter drive at 60Hz.
Heater output2.4kW
Safety device/functionLeakage breaker, Liquid low-level, Refrigerant pressure, Refrigerant overload, Pump overload, Circulating fluid high temperature, Control circuit protection (overcurrent), Phase-reversal relay
Warning Functions (*4)Low liquid level (Replenishment), Circulating fluid pressure rise, Heater overheat
INPUT/OUTPUT FunctionsSafety device actuation signal output, Circulating fluid temp. output, Circulating fluid temp. external setting input, Device operation signal output, Remote operation signal input, Replenishment signal output
Heating medium (Circulating fluid)Fluorine-based heating medium
Circulating fluid tank capacityapprox. 15L (Circulating tank + Reserve tank)
Required primary cooling water rate (*5)cooling water temperature +20℃:15L/min
cooling water temperature +30℃:30L/min
Connecting pipe diameterCirculating fluid in/out : Rc1/2(with valve)
Primary cooling water in/out : Rc1/2 (Equipped with the strainer at the input and water control valve at the output. )
Tank/Drain : Rc1/2(with valve)
Dimensions/Weight640×820×1305H mm, approx. 250kg
Power Supply (three phase AC 200 V, 50/60 Hz) 30A
Operation currentapprox. 20A
(*1)The minimum temperature (-60℃) when no-load performance.
(*2)Capacity when circulating flow 6 L/min or more.
(*3)Capacity varies with the circulating flow rate.
(*4)Even if the warning function is activated, the operation continues.
(*5)Please note it may cause defect and reduction in the cooling capacity.
•The specifications described when using Galden® HT110 (specified circulating fluid).
•Ambient temperature: +5℃ to +35℃ (no condensation).
•The fee for Delivery and Installing are quoted separately.

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