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Test tube Adapter Ring Test tube Adapter Ring 13mm

Code No.: 0001995-000

For Test Tube Concentrator TC-8F


For Test Tube Concentrator TC-8F


The parts  are required for replacement when consumed or when using a Test tube with a different diameter from the included ones.


ModelTest tube Adapter Ring 13mm
Applicable modelTC-8F
RemarksIncl. 8 pcs


Teflon Suction Cup Cassette | Teflon Suction Cup Cassette
For Test Tube Concentrator TC-8F
■Applicable model:TC-8F ■:

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Test Tube Concentrator | Concentrator | TC-8F
Promotes concentration by adding stirring to the decompression and heating. TC-8F is dedicated for Rimmed Test tubes.
■Temperature range :Up to +60℃ ■Temp. control accuracy:±0.2 to 0.3℃
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